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Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes! That’s all I can think after having the opportunity to test some of the great 2009 golf shoes from adidas Golf. This has been an amazing ride but like all good things this too must come to an end. With that said, the final shoes up for review are the FitRX and the FitRX SPORT.

First I will discuss the FitRX which are available only for men, but no worries ladies we get the FitRx Sport. Here is a little background into the make-up of the FitRX:

“The foundation of FitRX is an exclusive 3D FitFOAMTM inlay sole that provides ultimate support, comfort and a customized fit. A top layer consists of thicker memory foam to envelop the foot and conform to its unique contours, while two different densities of PU make up the base layer – one designed to absorb shock in critical areas and the other to deliver long-term support to protect the foot and reduce fatigue. The result is an unrivaled fit that delivers exceptional support from heel to toe.

To further enhance comfort, FitRX showcases a geoFITTM ankle collar that places anatomically positioned padding in critical areas to hug the foot and help keep it comfortably secured within the shoe. There are also forefoot flex channels strategically positioned in the outsole that help to reduce foot fatigue and promote overall walking comfort.”

Since the FitRX are made for the men I had to turn to my fellow staff writer and male fashion guru for his input on this footwear. The pair he had the chance to try were all white with the three bar logo in brown. His first impression was that the style wasn’t necessarily for him, but as the saying goes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so he slipped the shoes on and took them to the course. What he noticed was that the FitRX is not quite a sneaker-like golf shoe nor is it the traditional saddle shoe. These fit more into that hybrid category, which I feel can sometimes offer you the best of both worlds. For someone like him who loves a flashy, striking shoe, these didn’t quite fit the bill. If you are someone who likes a more subdued look these would be right up your alley, they are a clean looking shoe and would beautifully match just about any outfit.

Fashion is great but comfort is what these shoes are really all about. In fact our male testers exact words were “with comfort like this it doesn’t matter what they look like.” He was especially impressed with how supportive they were. He said they were quit similar to the adidas Powerband 2.0 and offered great lateral support and amazing stability. For the person who enjoys walking during their round this would be a perfect shoe for you. There are five color schemes to chose from including white with a black three bar logo, all black with a silver three bar logo, white and brown with a black three bar logo, white and black with a black three bar logo, and the pair Josh B. got to try which was all white with a brown three bar logo.

For a lighter, sportier version of the FitRX adidas offers the FitRX SPORT. Here is a brief description of the FitRX SPORT:

“Engineered with the same exclusive 3D FitFOAM inlay sole used in FitRX for unequaled customization, FitRX SPORT takes comfort in another direction, incorporating 50/50 Protect technology which combines a water-resistant TPU shield with membrane-lined mesh to surround the lower half of the shoe and protect the foot from mud, dirt, wet grass, etc. The top half of the shoe utilizes lightweight and highly breathable air-mesh for improved temperature management, flexibility, comfort and a bold, athletic look. Also setting the FitRX SPORT apart is an air-mesh, slip-on bootie construction in the collar that offers a more comfortable, slipper-like fit.”

I am going to be brutally honest here, of all the 2009 adidas Golf shoes I was lucky enough to try, the FitRX SPORT are by far my favorite. Not only are they, in my opinion, the best looking of the bunch, but they are the lightest pair of golf shoes I have ever tried on. Both myself and our male tester could not get over just how light they were. These shoes give new meaning to the saying light as a feather. The mesh here, just like on the Tour360 Sport helps keep your feet cool round after round after round. We weren’t sure if a shoe this lightweight would be able to offer the same type of support as some of the others from the adidas line but I can confidently say we both felt they were just as supportive with the same added stability as everything else we have tried.

The ladies FitRX SPORT is metallic silver on the bottom with white mesh on the top and a black three bar logo while the men’s comes in a metallic silver and mesh with a black three bar logo and metallic silver accents. Our male tester has always been on the fence about the sneaker type golf shoe but these have officially converted him. I personally loved the aesthetics of the FitRX SPORT. They match just about any outfit you can imagine and even though they look more like a sneaker they are not bulky at all. I think they are still very feminine looking, very classy, with a slight WOW factor. At first I was a little disappointed adidas didn’t make a ladies version of the FitRX, but after trying out the FitRX SPORT I don’t need anything else.

The FitRX and FitRX SPORT were very well received by everyone who got to see them and try them out. Normally I have very expensive taste and I pretty much know if I like it I probably can’t afford it but not with these shoes, I couldn’t believe their prices. The FitRX retail for $99.00 USD and the FitRX SPORT are even less at $90.00 USD. Without sounding like an infomercial, if you are looking for comfort, style, fashion and fun at an affordable price then these just may be the shoes for you. To learn more about the entire adidas golf shoe line, and other great products by adidas you can check out there website at adidas Golf.

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