True Linkswear Future Staples 3L Rain Jacket

True Linkswear Rain Jacket

Imagine you are lucky enough to take a trip of a lifetime to a place like Scotland, Ireland, or even Bandon Dunes in the Pacific Northwest. Now, snap back to reality and imagine how unlikely it is that you take any of those trips without playing in the rain. Or, maybe you get a chance to play once a week and get unlucky with the weather on the day you can finally get on the course. How much would you pay to play those rainy rounds in (relative) comfort? Rainwear may not be as flashy as a new driver, but it can be an absolute lifesaver for many golfers. 

True Linkswear Rain Jacket

Since 2009, True Linkswear has devoted their energy to making functional products that make the golfing experience more comfortable. Most will be familiar with their footwear and it’s hyperfocus on providing the best possible shoe for the walking golfer. When the True Tour first arrived on the scene, the look and design was unlike anything else on the market and the company has continued to innovate in that space. However, True Linkswear is not just a footwear company. Aside from standard apparel like pants and polos, they also provide outerwear. The Future Staples 3L Rain Jacket showcases their unique design approach to all-weather gear and we are loving what we are seeing. It’s crammed with technology and features to keep you dry and warm in the worst conditions. 

Features and Performance

True Linkswear Rain Jacket material

Often, we’ll provide a company-provided list of specifications on a product, however, in the case of the 3L jacket, the list is just too long. We encourage you to dive deeper on the company’s website,, if you wish to pore through it. 

Instead, we’ll talk about a choice sampling of what makes this a great jacket. First, and probably most important, is the 3L Rain Jacket’s ability to keep you dry. The 3L has a 20k waterproof rating and a 20k breathability rating. We know – what exactly does that mean? In specific terms, a 20k waterproof rating means that the jacket can withstand 20,000mm of rain in a day. All-weather gear comes with a wide range of ratings, but generally speaking, 20k is right at the ceiling. 

Breathability ratings trend similarly, with 20k being in the upper reaches of the rating scale. A ski jacket, which you may want to retain as much warmth as possible, would typically have a lower rating. Since golfers can work up a substantial amount of body heat, especially when walking or playing in warm temperatures, a high breathability rating is vital to overall comfort. After all, if the only thing we cared about was blocking out water, we’d just wear rubber suits, right? In addition to built-in breathability, the 3L has two underarm vents that are inconspicuously placed. The interior lining is very smooth to the touch and provides a great contrast to the weather-proof shell. 

To further bolster the 3L’s ability to repel water, it’s been given a Durable Water Repellent coating, has fully taped seams, and an Aquaguard center front zipper. In addition, the cuffs are contoured to protect the tops of the hands and can be velcroed tightly to the wrists. The back is slightly longer to provide more coverage to rear ends that may stick out a bit, and its six pockets (including an internal pocket) are protected with overlapping flaps. One fun feature is the inclusion of magnetic-closure chest pockets. This makes accessing items much easier with a pair of rain gloves on. 

True Linkswear Rain jacket clasp

A quick look at other companies’ rain jackets, even those on the higher end of the pricing scale, will show that hoods are not always part of the deal. This seems strange to us, but we’re sure there are valid reasons. Regardless, the 3L jacket not only has a hood, but it has an integrated visor to channel water way from your face. The problem with hoods can be that they move around too much in the golf swing when they aren’t on the head. True Linkswear remedies this by leaning towards a MOLLE system, technology most often seen on tactical gear, allowing you to lock the hood in place.

Still, no matter how impervious a rain jacket may be to the conditions, you have to be able to play golf in it. We want to play our best, no matter what may be happening outside. Though it can be used for almost any situation in which you want to stay dry, the 3L was made with the golfer in mind. 

Outerwear has to walk a fine line between being heavy enough to do its job while not being overly bulky and inhibiting the golf swing. Nobody really wants to wear a jacket on the course if they don’t have to, but when the time comes you still want to be able to move as freely as is possible. The 3L is a medium weight jacket. It’s certainly not feather light, but considering the amount of protection it offers, it’s impressively lightweight. It utilizes four-way stretch to allow the golfer to move unencumbered. We tested this by hitting a number of golf shots, with the hood both on the head and secured with the MOLLE system, and found it surprisingly comfortable to swing in. The overall build wasn’t stiff and didn’t seem to create unwanted pressure on the body during the rotational movements in the golf swing.  

In terms of sizing. True Linkswear provides guidance on their website that only requires some quick measurements. We tested the 3L in the XL size, which seemed to work very well for somebody that normally wears size L in tops. Sizing up afforded a bit more room for layering and provided ample vertical coverage, so take note if you play cool-weather golf often or are on the tall side. If you’re on the upper end of a size range, we think sizing up would be appropriate, but otherwise you should be able to order your normal size. 


  • Available in sizes S – XXL
  • Black and Olive (pictured) colorways
  • 5 year warranty               
  • 30 day trial available, with $15 cleaning fee. 
  • Priced at $400
  • Available at
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