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Last year THP had the opportunity to try out the adidas Golf Powerband 2.0 shoes and came away really impressed. They had become one of our “Go To” pairs of golf shoes for comfort, style, and overall performance we have come to expect from today’s high technology footwear. In the Spring Issue of THP: the Magazine we had the opportunity to try out the Powerband 3.0s from adidas Golf and were dazzled by the changes that the company has made.

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Now, even the biggest swings stay grounded with adidas Men’s Powerband 3.0. A re-engineered POWERBAND CHASSIS platform harnesses more of the swing’s energy to deliver maximum power to the ball at impact. GRIPZONE’s textured surface throughout the insole and extended into the heel locks the foot securely in place for more power and control. The addition of THiNTech low-profile technology brings the golfer even closer to the ground for better stability, balance and footwork.

Advanced THiNTech — The entire cleat and attachment system has been re-engineered to bring golfers closer to the ground – The result is advanced THiNTech with PINS (Performance INsert System), which 32% lower than conventional cleat systems

Re-engineered POWERBAND CHASSIS — Tour-proven POWERBAND CHASSIS harnesses the energy of the swing and delivers more of it to the ball at impact – The TPU platform has been re-engineered with strategically placed perimeter support and POWERBAND geometry to promote more stability and better weight transfer through impact

THiNTech Cleat — Advanced cleat system combines a low-profile, anti-clogging cleat design and thinner outsole receptacle to bring golfers closer to the ground for better power transfer, balance, footwork and more consistent ball-striking

FitFOAM — FitFOAM molds to the exact contours of each athlete’s foot — Located in the footbed, this visco-elastic foam is engineered to evenly distribute weight and pressure for a personalized fit
adiPRENE — Provides long-lasting impact absorption in the heel for long-lasting comfort

adiTUFF — Golfers are known to drag the toe of their back foot on the follow-through — adiTUFF is an abrasion-resistant material that protects the toe from wear and keeps the shoe looking great
ClimaProof — Combines technologies to deliver 100% waterproof protection — The first layer wicks inside moisture to the shoe’s surface, while the second layer surrounds the foot with a waterproof membrane

Box Arrived in Just 3 Weeks

While color combination and customization is not necessarily new to the world of golf, it is new to adidas footwear and THP could not be happier with the way that it has turned out. Options are endless in reality because unlike other shoe customizations we have seen, adidas Golf has given the player a few more options that they can customize. There are really only two downsides in creating your very own mi adidas Powerband 3.0 golf shoes.

The Color Combinations Are Endless

1. You will lose hours of your day as you stare at the screen and go from color to color until you find what you are looking for. I kid, because it is actually a lot of fun, but slightly addictive.

2. We would like to see a few more color options, outside of the 9 or so that they give us. While that is pretty much pure greed on our part, most will find the color palette perfect for what they are after.

When designing your own shoes, you start with a blank “canvas” and have the opportunity to go “crazy” adding your own design in the form of color choices and other items such as intials, your name, or different flags/logos. Being as though my last opportunity to create a custom pair of shoes ended up in something unique, flashy, and downright crazy, we wanted something a little different this time around. A pair of shoes that would work well on the course with many outfits, yet something that was not offered in the normal adidas Golf lineup. So after hours of mixing color combinations, THP chose to go with a blue and white offering that would really stand out when paired with the right outfit.

Initials & THP Added was No Problem

The adidas Golf Powerband 3.0’s had a complete makeover it seems for the 2010 season and THP could not be happier with the result. We were big fans of the 2.0 style overall, but the 3.0 has definitely taken a step forward in adding that little extra something to make them stand out. The overlay is the biggest change in the looks department in my opinion, as it went to something substantially larger and added a carbon fiber type of look to it. The overall shoe has some serious style to it without straying too far from a classic golf shoe. THP likes to call this a hybrid shoe as it mixes classic style with a modern twist and comes together perfectly.

Yes, You Can Change the Color of the Sole

Many would argue that looks of a golf shoe are the most important thing, and while we are all about style here at THP, the most important thing to us is comfort. I want to play an entire round of golf without even thinking about my golf shoes other than how they look. I can safely say that the adidas Golf Powerband 3.0 golf shoes are some of the most comfortable we have put on. Playing 36 holes in them with no signs of foot fatigue was the first test and these custom beauties passed with flying colors. There are a couple of things I want to address when it comes to the comfort coinciding with the technology that has gone into the new adidas Golf offerings.

THINTech Cleat System – Addressed before from a technical standpoint, this system is as good or better than anything THP has tried before. It is not marketing buzz or anything of the sort, you feel closer to the ground which in turn adds substantially to the comfort and performance throughout your round of golf.

FitFOAM – I cannot tell you that FitFOAM is the reason for the extreme comfort. I would need to break down the shoes to come up with that information and frankly I spent far too long designing them to do that. What I can tell you is that I believe it is one of the main reasons for the comfort because the shoes really do just wrap around your feet like a soft glove. No breaking in period at all, put them on and immediately you know just how perfect they are.

After 14 rounds of golf the shoes feel as good as the 1st time I put them on. In some brands, that would not necessarily be a good thing because of a breaking in period, but with the new adidas Golf Powerband 3.0s, the fit was tremendous from day 1.

Carbon Fiber Look In Blue Looks Amazing

The 2010 line from adidas Golf is off to a great start. THP was able to review the adidas Tour360 4.0 shoes a few months back and came away very impressed. We also reviewed the new adiPure Golf Shoes and were amazed with comfort and technology. Now we have covered the Powerband 3.0s and the new mi adidas feature that is something very fun and cool that will add to the enjoyment of your shoes for years to come. When you have comfort like this and add it to the style that we have really come to enjoy and throw in the ability to completely customize your shoes, you have something special on your hands. For more information on these or any other styles of adidas footwear, check out their website at You can also check out their customization site at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Nice review JB. LOVE the design you picked.

  2. Puttin4Bird says:

    WOW! I’m telling everyone I know about this review, this is great and the shoes are outstanding looking! The fact that you say that they’re the most comfortable shoe you have put on is just icing on the cake.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. James McGee says:

    I have been sitting on the site for over an hour now making up my shoes. You were dead right, its a lot of fun.

  4. Todd Jones says:

    Awesome review. Extremely thorough and good color scheme. I have the 2.0 and love them. When they wear out, these are a go.

  5. SethO says:

    These shoes are very nice. I got to see JB rock them whilst in FL. I am envious.

  6. MO_Hacker says:

    Love the adidas, but I haven’t been able to find a pair that fits quite right.

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  8. Sean CB says:

    Love these! Working on a pair now! One question: I like how the white stripes are outlined in black was that an option?

  9. John k. says:

    Knowing that Adidas had a lower center of gravity alone, I broke for a pair of Powerband 3.0.
    After hitting a medium bucket- my golf experience has taken an upturn.
    They seem to stick to the ground so well and so comfortably that I actually had to adapt my follow through to not throw my back out. But that’s a good thing. You’d want the relationship between the ground and the bottom of your feet to be secure, and everything sort of plays off that. Adidas nailed it.
    These are the best golf shoes as far as I can see, and Adidas has a very good thing going.

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