THP Radio – In The Rough W/JB & Golfer Gal Welcomes Miyazaki Shafts

This week on In The Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal is a very special show featuring a question and answer session with Tim Gillis from Miyazaki Golf Shafts. Tim is on the air and answering questions from our THP Forum members and had a great time doing it.

This week we also announce the finalists of the THP “What’s For Dinner” Contest. Five recipes are chosen and named off on the radio.

We hope you enjoy this week’s show.

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  • awesome show this week!!!! i suppose you chose some good recipes, but i know that there are some you’ll revert to after this week.

    tim is awesome! the guy’s like listening to a history teacher when it comes to shafts and the industry.

  • I just came back to this show and it is really good. I have gained so much knowledge about shafts out of this show.

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