Basic Golf Company Shirt Review

I am cheap. There are things that I do not mind spending a lot of money on, but when it comes to golf clothes, I like to save a buck. But I also am not a huge fan of combing through racks at discount stores hoping to find that hidden gem. It gets to me after a while. Along came a company that might have changed all of that for me. Basic Golf!

The name says it all. I ask for a few things in my golf shirts.
1. I want it at a decent price.
2. I want it to be fairly stylish.
3. I want it made of light & cool material.
Where could I go other than the discount stores to find all this? No where, that was the problem. Until Now!

When I was told about Basic Golf I was pretty happy to have found them. THP contacted Ed Lemire President of Basic Golf and asked him all about the brand.

For years now, there has been a lack of high quality, in style apparel available at reasonable prices. In the past, if you wanted to take advantage of moisture wicking fabrics and cutting edge styles, you had to pay $60, $70…even $80 and up for shirts from the biggest golf companies. The other option was to pay a lot less, but get an inferior material and uninteresting colors you didn’t really care to wear. Not anymore! Here you’ll find a unique product line that you can’t find anywhere else. The newest shirts, hats and accessories made with top quality materials like Cooldry fabric. What you won’t find are the high prices!

What we learned while speaking with Ed was that shirts are definitely “not all created equally”. He was happy to tell us all about them. He says that they are cut very similar to a European shirt, but still are not too tight. Let’s face it, nobody likes to have sleeves down to their elbows and tons of material left over in the stomach region unless we have to. The material used is what Basic Golf refers to as CoolDry Fabric. We definitely looked forward to checking out the shirts. Basic Golf offers two types of shirts right now. They have the ClassicCool & the SportCool. The ClassicCool is offered in two colors, blue and green. They feature your traditional button up top and classic styling. The SportCool is a little different in that the shirts are two toned and offer a zipper instead of the buttons. The Classic retails for $44.95 and the Sport retails for $39.95 After speaking with Ed, he told us that he would send a couple of shirts down to us to review and try out. I have to say, I anxiously awaited this box to arrive.

A few days after speaking with Basic Golf, a package arrived and in it were a few shirts. Here are a couple of first impressions.
1. The shirts are incredibly lightweight.
2. The sides are done with a mesh like material on both styles and it is very breathable.
3. The company logo is “basic” and kind of cool.
So a few of us at THP tried them on and the first impressions were dead on. These babies are comfortable. If you play in the heat, this might be your shirt. The articles are definitely styled more towards the European (athletic cut). The entire group felt the same way, “these could be a keeper”. The material is not quite the same as the ClimaCool by Adidas, but to give you a description, it is similar. The shirts actually feel a little lighter though.
Four of us took the range all decked out in the Basic Golf gear. We each hit a large bucket and then it started to drizzle. The rain just rolls off this clothing like a freshly waxed car. That was another plus. Here is our final thoughts:
The Material is as good as anything else out there.
We actually enjoyed the less expensive SportCool more due to the two tone shirts.
We really wish they had a few more color options to choose from.
But other than that, we were thrilled to death with these and they realistically are cheaper than the big brands out there. We were hoping that the selection would be a little larger, but like with all new companies, time will tell. The comfort and fit on these shirts are top notch. You cannot compare these to cheap cotton, “run of the mill” Golf Shirts! The cut on these shirts is as nice as anything else we have found. Overall they get a thumbs up and we are hoping to see some more options out there very soon. The color schemes they have now are great, and with a few more bold colors we would be ecstatic. You can find them online at Basic Golf. Do yourself a favor and check one out, we know you will like it.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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