Beginning of Belt Week

This week marks the beginning of our first annual BELT WEEK. We will be profiling quite a few companies and their belts and buckles that they manufacture. All of which are available to the consumers. Each day will be a different company and the belts that they carry. We have large companies such as Nike & Puma to talk about it, as well as some of our favorite “niche companies” like PAHR Golf and Tattoo Golf.

It’s almost like a cross between the ’70s and Urban Cowboys. Around the nation and in the golf world in particular, many people are joining the craze of the thick and loud belts with oversized and blinged-out buckles. Professional golfer Anthony Kim brought attention to his belt buckles at the Ryder Cup this year and there is numerous websites dedicated to the belt and buckle craze as well.

The belts come in any color you can imagine and range from thin to two-inch wide versions and bigger. The buckles though are what it’s all about. One can find a buckle ranging from your favorite sports team to your favorite liquor to patriotic to simply your initials. Whatever you want, it seems, is out there for you to find. As an art form, these modern buckles have the ones from the ’70s and ’80s beat by a mile.

It is another way to customize your style and as stated, it is taking the world by storm. (by world, we mean golf style) If you take a look around the world of golf, you can see what we mean. From the traditional style of Tiger Woods, to the crazy and outlandish styles of Anthony Kim and Ian Poulter, the belt says a lot. We have belts that are functional such as Nike’s Ball Marker Belt to buckles that are outlandish like Puma’s “Iced out Buckle”.

As most of our daily readers know, we here at THP are a little style oriented. And of course, we love our belts. I hope you join us each day as we profile tons of different options that are available from the traditional to the outlandish and everything in between. And of course join us in the forum to discuss each profile and to sign up for giveaways of most of the stuff you see profiled this week.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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