Blingo Ball Markers

Sometimes in life splurging on things is fun. Whether it be buying that new outfit or picking up that latest driver and taking it to the course, splurging can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a romantic dinner that costs a ton or that truffle from Godiva that makes you feel so good for a minute and costs just a few dollars. What if we told you that you could get that feeling each time you played golf and it would cost just $15?
Here is a way that you can get that great feeling and help someone continue on their journey all in one shot. The answer is Blingo Ballmarks. As most of the daily readers know, Golfer Gal is always looking for that latest fashion piece or accessory to complete her outfit on the course. She stumbled across these gems and the rest was history.

Recently we had the chance to interview Charlotte Campbell of Highway 18 on The Golf Channel fame. At the time we did not know too much about this product other than how adorable it was and that Golfer Gal was planning on doing a review on them. As it turned out the winner of Highway 18 was/is the same person that created the Blingo Ballmarkers.

Charlotte explained how she kind of fell into it:

“Blingo started as an accident when one of my mom’s friends wanted one to match her outfit. I designed what is now a Blingo Ballmaker.”

It turned out that every person that saw this custom design that she created wanted one of their own and the rest is history. Charlotte makes them for pro shops, tournaments, and of course many of the Duramed Futures Tour players are sporting them as well which is great exposure.
Now THP has seen many a ball marker before and even some blinged out ones too. But we have never seen something like this. It is rare that we find something in golf that fits every single “must have” when reviewing the product. Blingos do just that!
1. Is the product Stylish? Check
2. Is the product affordable? Check
3. Is the product needed? Check (you do need a ballmarker after all)
4. Does the product work? Check

Plus you get that added bonus of knowing that your marker can match up to your other gear.
But many readers will say “how is a ballmarker going to give me that same feeling as a Godiva Chocolate”? Here is why…

Blingo Ballmarkers were initially sold to raise money to help someone follow their dream and goals of playing professionally. Each one of these markers is HANDMADE by the creator herself and each one is to help offset the costs of travel and to continue playing.
What better way to splurge and feel good than to help. We want to see Blingo’s on every single player out there. It is rare that an item that costs so little can mean so much (and of course look SO GOOD). We recommend getting a few so that you can match your outfits. But you can always be like Charlotte and wear the “diamond one”

One more thing to add. Charlotte Campbell is part of team THP now. She will be joining us for the PGA Merchandise Show 09 in January and of course is part of our forum here. We welcome our Duramed Futures Star with open arms and want everyone to be a part of her career. To do so check out her website at Charlotte Campbell and of course check out the best accessory out there at Blingo.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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