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As many of you know THP firmly believes in fitting of golf equipment to one’s game to get the most out of this sport that we love so much. We work hard to find the right clubs and we certainly would not want to wear shoes and clothes that do not fit, so why not the golf ball? Bridgestone Golf, the king of golf ball fitting, offers some great ways to get fit that are 100% completely free.

Their live ball fitting experience is something to behold and within a few minutes and a few swings, the computer will show you exactly what ball you should be playing for your game. Bridgestone Golf has Fit, on a launch monitor, over 70,000 golfers so far. However in some areas, people have not had a chance to experience the live ball fitting, or missed it for one reason or another. So Bridgestone Golf has launched the B-Fit program, which is a live, one on one, consultation with an expert ball and club technician.

B-Fit is not just a survey you fill out and it spits out one ball or another, but a chat session with an actual golf ball expert that will talk with you about your needs and wants in a ball and make a recommendation after gathering all of that data. We have hundreds of users that have gone through the system and each one keeps coming back to THP and raving about it.

So with that being said, we decided we wanted to get to the bottom of this new online fitting system and bring one of the fitters on the radio show and find out everything there is to know about Bridgestone Ball Fittings through B-Fit. We know that people have questions about it, so we want to hear those questions. Here is how we are going to do it.

Submit your questions to and we are going to choose the 8-10 best questions that we get and ask them to B-Fit on In the Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal. Have the experts come on and answer each one and make sure that we are understanding what this new system is about and how it helps us and what Bridgestone Golf is doing next in it’s drive to Fit every golfer.

Here is the best part. If your question gets chosen to be asked on the radio, you will win a dozen balls of your choice from Bridgestone Golf, the King of Ball Fitting!

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  1. thanks1974 says:

    this is a great contest, thanks Bridgestone! Ever since I started playing the e6 I’ve been a fan of the product and technology. this contest is a great way to potentially expand your user base

  2. Ryan says:

    Can’t wait to hear this show. B-fit is a great tool for those people that can’t get to an in-person fitting.

  3. itsbarker says:

    I have been fit on-line and in person. Each came up with the same ball fit. I encourage people to try it. Bridgestone has a ball to fit everyone.

  4. Stroker Ace says:

    can’t wait to hear these. i’ve been struggling with ball choice and just completed the online fitting. i bought the balls it told me to and used them yesterday…with mixed results so this should be a good one.

  5. CalvinG35 says:

    I’m looking forward to this, when is the “episode” ?

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