Bridgestone Golf: A Mission to Regain Form

Last week THP asked the online forum community and those on social media, if you could ask Bridgestone Golf any question at all, what would it be? Armed with those questions, we went to Covington, GA to meet the team there and have open discussions about who they are, what they are doing and where they are headed.

Shot in 4K, so we recommend using full screen

Stay tuned to the next episode from Covington with the Bridgestone Golf team where the discussion is focused on the signing of Tiger Woods and whether or not him playing right now is hurting the perception of the brand.

If you are on the THP Mobile App, click on the button that says THP TV and you can watch this video right there. If you have not download the THP Mobile App as of yet, you can do so from iTunes here. Then jump on over to the THP Forum and join in the huge conversation about this video.

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