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Picking up his 5th win on the PGA Tour, Carl Pettersson won the RBC and did so with a rather unique bag full of clubs. THP had a chance to chat with Pettersson after his win about his equipment and get a look at why he has what’s in his bag.

THP – Carl, you use a driver that is 11.5 degrees and measures in at almost 47 inches. Can you tell us why that is the case?

CP – It was all about fitting for me. I am a low spin player and to keep up and get the ball out there, I needed to get my spin up and carry farther. The longer shaft got me exactly what I needed and the loft keeps it going. Overall, I am really liking what I am seeing out of this new Nike driver.

THP – You are playing the Nike 20XI S golf ball and going back to the driver, are hitting the ball extremely well. What made you make the switch and what are you seeing out of the ball?

CP – It was pretty easy for me. I saw just over 10 yards of more distance. It plays well around the green, and with that distance gain, I was hooked.

THP – Like your driver, your putter is rather long. You are using the Nike Method and obviously it is working well. What are your thoughts on Method technology?

CP – I tested it out and really liked the feel and the ball comes off the face end over end quicker than I saw before. The proof for me was making more putts, which I did.

THP – Thanks for taking the time to chat today after your win. We appreciate the insight into your interesting choices and wish you continued success.

Here is a look at what is in Carl Pettersson’s golf bag.

Carl Pettersson
Driver: Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT (11.5 degree; Mitsubishi Fubuki Alpha 50x shaft)
Fairway Wood: TaylorMade Burner 3-wood (14.5 degree; Mitsubishi Fubuki Alpha 70x shaft)
Hybrid: Nike VR Pro (21 degree; UST Mamiya Attas 85 hybrid shaft)
Iron (4): Nike VR S Forged (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft)
Irons (5-PW): Nike VR Pro Combo (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts)
Wedges: Nike VR Pro (49, 55 and 60 degree; True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts)
Putter: Nike Method prototype belly
Ball: Nike 20XI S

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  1. Cookie says:

    Very cool that THP got an interview with Carl right after his victory! Like what he had to say about the driver loft & length and why it works for him, makes perfect sense. I also like seeing the wedge gaps in the bag – 5 & 6 degrees. Always interesting.

  2. Sharkwrestler says:

    Great interview.
    Never thought about trying the Nike 20XI S golf ball.
    I’ll def. pick up a sleeve and see how it compares to the Penta.
    WTG Carl congrats on the win.

  3. Paulo says:

    Awesome that THP got the chance to chat to CP! Especially on the day of his victory!

    I hear what he’s saying about his driver, and I can relate to this! I too am a low spin player, and this season I have switched to a longer shaft (with a 10.5 degree driver)…with some impressive results! I like how he spelled that out and made me understand one of the reasons I’m hitting it better! 😀

  4. Ryan H. says:

    Really goes to how how much fitting plays a part in maximizing what you can get our of your swing. Carl definitely has a different bag, but it looks like it serves him well.

  5. War Eagle says:

    Thanks for the info, was curious about his driver setup and his reasoning for it. Interesting!

  6. Canadan says:

    11.5 and 47 inches.. That’s quite the set up!

  7. damaikis says:

    Great interview THP. Very awesome to hear what Carl thinks about all his equipment. That makes me want to try some 20XI balls even more!

  8. TC says:

    Now that right there is the real Big Carolina! Pretty awesome of Carl to answer a few questions after a dominating performance. I love hearing why these guys play what they do. Thanks.

  9. Jersey Nate says:

    Great interview! Very cool that Carl took the time to answer questions.

  10. ole gray says:

    I enjoyed this interview and liked the part about more loft on his driver. Not just older guys play higher lofted drivers.

  11. TripleBogieTim says:

    Great that you were able to get a few words with CP after a big win….very interesting bag setup for sure

  12. 9-Iron Man says:

    Thanks to Carl for taking some time to chat with THP and thanks to THP for sharing it!

  13. yorkem says:

    So cool that Carl took the time to chat with THP after his victory. He just earned himself another fan!

  14. Nate says:

    Really like hearing when pros talk about their testing. Good stuff JB and GG!

  15. d_in_la says:

    Very cool – almost never hear a pro using an 11.5.

  16. ghsace says:

    I love that Carl talked to you about his bag set up!! This was excellent info!

  17. biggsy says:

    I think it’s cool THP was able to land an interview with Pettersson. Enjoyed the info and always like taking a look at what’s in their bags.

  18. Dogman says:

    Pretty cool interview. Thanks.

  19. Frank Bullitt says:

    Great interview – wish I could hit a 47″ driver!!!

  20. Freddie kong says:

    Very interesting choice of loft and length on the driver. You cant argue with results and 10yds is 10yds. Nice little interview

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