Video – Charl Schwartzel Breaks His Club In Half

A bit embarrassing for the professional that is usually fairly calm and collected. Frustrations have set in for quite a few players as The Open Championship is under way from Muirfield. All we can do is hope cooler heads prevail.

What do you think? Does it bother you to see athletes at the highest level throwing a tantrum or breaking their clubs?

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  • Be a man and break it over the knee.

    Hope no animals were harmed during that breakdown.

  • Interesting that it broke by being thrown towards the floor.
    Get it welded better!

  • You know what. I don’t mind this out of the player that usually is quiet and calm. It’s the guys that are constantly creating a scene that bug me. To see somebody like Schwartzel do this is surprising, but not disturbing.

  • Shocked that it broke. Wish that he didn’t throw the club. Gentleman’s game is disappearing.

  • This bothers me a lot, I will never like Tiger Woods because of his childish antics on the course. This looks like nothing other than a toddler throwing a fit.

  • He has been on a slow boil as far as his temper goes this year. Mainly on the greens putting. I remeber watching the Colonial and thinking geeze I hope he doesnt hurt anyone because he looks like he is about to go postal? The man couldnt weigh more than a buck fiffty and can hit it a long way. Hope he finds his game and something to take the edge off.

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