Choosing Your Rangefinder with Precision Pro

Rangefinders are continuing to become one of the most popular distance measuring devices out there and Precision Pro Golf has a number of options available. Last year we had the opportunity to review their NX7 Pro device and came away impressed. If you missed that article, you can find it here.

With so many forum members asking about devices as of late, we wanted to sit down with the experts and ask how you should choose your rangefinder.

Q: How does Precision Pro differentiate themselves in a market that is dominated by one to two brands?

A: Our dedication to customer service is what truly separates us from some of the bigger companies. We listen to our customer’s feedback and actively collect their input when we’re developing a new product. We also go to great lengths to make sure golfers know they’ll be treated right if they choose Precision Pro Golf.

That’s why we created the Precision Care Package — it’s our promise to golfers that you become apart of our golf family when you purchase a Precision Pro Golf product. And we treat family right.

So we’re different when it comes to customer service, but we’re no different in terms of quality from some of highed-end companies. They make high-quality products, and so do we. When you strip away the names, logos and fancy proprietary feature labels, our NX7 and NX7 Pro rangefinders offer the same quality and the same features — but at a substantially lower price.

We think this combination of quality, customer service and affordability makes us special, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Golfers can read almost 500 reviews on our website from verified golfers.

Q: With more players moving to distance measuring devices, what key features should they be looking for?

A: The first thing is not to fall into the trap of “if it’s more expensive it has to be better.” That’s not true. Our hope is that you’ll take the money you save by choosing Precision Pro Golf and play a few more rounds, buy a new wedge or take a couple lessons. You don’t have to overpay for quality.

The most important features are accuracy, reliability and ease of use. We’ve designed our products to excel in all three areas. Our rangefinders have pinpoint accuracy with less variance than our competitors and are ergonomically engineered for ease of use. Golfers repeatedly say that our laser makes it easier for them to pick up the flag, even if they have shaky hands.

The NX7 Pro is the best-selling slope golf rangefinder on and it costs $150 less than the high end competitors. This is a great feature for golfers who play courses with a lot of up and down.

And if you don’t need slope, the NX7 rangefinder gives you all the other great features at $50 less than the NX7 Pro.

The Nexus is our introductory rangefinder, which is a simple and reliable rangefinder for golfers who just want the standard features and functionality.

Q: When viewing lasers, specifically, how does Precision Pro test accuracy vs other brands? Are they just as accurate?

A: This is a question we get a lot from customers, which is understandable. Golfers want accuracy and reliability. And the answer is yes, we test our rangefinders against our own models and versus other brands.

There are multiple quality control steps throughout our production process before a rangefinder is ever sent to a customer. Every single rangefinder is tested at our factory. Then we take a random sampling of rangefinders to test them versus competitors at distances of between 50 and 400 yards.

There’s usually less than a yard difference. If we come across something that’s more than a yard than we consider it defective, which would also cause us to look more closely at the entire batch to make sure there isn’t a broader issue.

There was even one instance when a customer sent a research document that compared us to three of our higher-end competitors. He took 40 readings of each rangefinder at different distances to compare both the regular yardages and the slope adjusted yardages. We looked at all of the data this golfer sent and saw that our rangefinder had an average variance of a tenth of a yard while others had up to four or five yards. So we performed much better, which was great to see.

Q: With the fast moving world of technology, what does the future hold for the brand?

A: There’s been a lot of change in the rangefinder industry over this past year. It’s exciting, because we know that golfers love having information at their fingertips to help them choose the right club and swing with confidence.

We think it’s important to do that in a user-friendly way, which means we’re being very deliberate with the features and technology that we choose to integrate into future products. Right now, we’re doing a lot of research and talking to golfers about what would be truly helpful.

We aren’t just throwing out metal bodies and red LCD’s because we can charge more for it. We want to know what will actually help golfers. We have a lot of ideas about some features that we think will really provide value, but we aren’t prepared just yet to share. Stay tuned!

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