Cleveland Golf + Portable Fitting = Success

Mitchell® Golf Finishes Stage One of Cleveland Golf’s Portable Bending Machine

Mitchell® Golf entered a strategic partnership with Cleveland Golf in 2010 to produce Cleveland’s SCUBA (Self-Contained Universal Bending Apparatus) machine. SCUBA, which will be used by Cleveland fitters and golf professionals, commenced production in March of 2011 and Mitchell Golf® just completed the first run of phase one in late August.

The SCUBA, which includes Mitchell® Golf digital mechanisms and clamping processes, bends clubs with a mechanical jack and can be easily transported from site to site. Since it is portable, it does not affix to the ground like a Mitchell® Angle Machine. In essence, the SCUBA pushes and pulls against itself to create force.

Tom Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell® Golf, said the following about SCUBA production and the partnership:

“We have been pleased with our progress in production and should be finished with phase one by early 2012. Cleveland Golf makes exceptional equipment and we are proud to partner with a brand that represents excellence in the golf industry.”

In total, Mitchell® Golf will produce 250 machines for Cleveland Golf. If demand is steady after the first phase is completed, machines will continue to be produced in 2012 and beyond. The SCUBA cannot be purchased from Mitchell® Golf and must be purchased from Cleveland Golf. In order to purchase a SCUBA the business must have an account with Cleveland Golf and meet criteria set by Cleveland Golf.

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