Cleveland Launcher HB Sound Test with Jamie Sadlowski

One of the most popular questions we get about new drivers is how do they sound at impact. We decided to put the Cleveland Launcher HB to the test with the longest hitter in the world Jamie Sadlowski. Yet, you would still be asking, how does it sound in the hands of mere mortals? To give you that information as well, we decided to surprise our cameraman Steven, and have him hit alongside and record the sound there as well.

In this video, the microphone is set down right next to the impact area and you can hear the whole thing. Including a very surprised Steven.

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  • Steve’s swing was not as loud for some reason, I wonder why? Hahaha. It’s a very good sound.

  • That was awesome!!!! Really though, Steven’s did not sound bad at all, but Jamie’s sounded great!!!

  • Steve’s follow through was on point.

  • Steve: swing harder!! Hahah, way to step up under pressure Cobra and deliver a solid swing! Now I know how the club sounds at 95 versus 120 – different ballgame folks!

  • Nice solid sound from both swings. Cobta geting all kinds of things thrown at him and responding like a champ!

  • Man! I wish I could have seen Steven’s face when he found out! Looked and sounded good though!

  • So glad Jamie didn’t hit a low pull with that golf cart incoming. Driver sounds great. Nice ball Steven. I think many of us would’ve topped it getting put on the spot like that.

  • Both sound really good. Way to step up Steven.

  • Wow night and day difference in sound. Great
    Comparison video!

  • Nice solid sound from both. I expected JS’s to be louder, but it actually sounded a little quieter than Steve’s (Jamie did say it was a little on the heel!). Fun video & way to step up under the pressure Steve!

  • Steven, the nerves are real…. and I can empathize! Club sound is solid!

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