PGA Show Day 1: What is MOI?

One of the most talked about phrases on the PGA Show floor on day 1 is Moment of Inertia and how it relates to golf equipment. Nearly every company is touting numbers and it’s role in accuracy for the golfer, but what does it really mean? Before getting into the products themselves, we thought this would be a great way to kick off Day 1 after hearing the marketing across the show floor.

Here is Michael Vrska, for THP TV, explaining what MOI is, how it impacts golf equipment and what it means to the actual golfer.

The THP Forum has a live update thread from the show floor, that can be found here. Everything we see, you will see and if you have questions, ask them right there.

Join us all week long as we cover the equipment in a way that is bold, new and a whole lot of fun.

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  • Great stuff explained my Michael in a way that makes sense to even me.

  • I needed this, great job by Mr Vrska explaining what it is and how it impacts the golfer. MOI is important but NOT everything….nice educational bit here.

  • Vrska plus THP is the greatest thing to happen to the pga show ever.

  • Man, he’s smart! I love these explanations.

  • That’s really interesting that none of the OEM’s are close to the MOI limit and that a super high MOI driver may not be the best for a lot of people.

  • I had no idea there was such a gap in the current offerings and the MOI limit. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Excellent explanation by Mr Vrska, he does indeed know lots about golf clubs! Simple and easy to follow. Good to know that MOI isn’t everything, just one factor to consider.

  • Good information, never thought about vertical MOI when choosing a driver.

  • Man so many other factors that go into a performance driver.

    Also crazy that no one is close yet and to get there what they have to sacrifice.

    Vrska is a great addition to the team for the show this year.

  • Awesome video & great info Mr. Vrska! Might have to show this video to my AP Physics class!

  • Boy, great thoughts on MOI. So many things to think about. Just proves that testing them all out before buying is so important.

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