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While at the 2013 PGA Show, THP TV caught up with Cobra Golf R&D about a new product that will be coming out in 2013. There is no official release date as of yet, but THP knows that this is a release many of our readers have been waiting for. Earlier in the week, PGA Tour superstar Jesper Parnevik spoke to THP and mentioned his fondness for these wedges.

What makes the Tour Trusty Rusty unique? Watch the THP TV episode to find out more.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Cookie says:

    Man, does this thing sound like a winner or what! Really cool to see Cobra addressing a gap in their lineup for the “better players” out there.

    These sound more in line with the J40 & 588 MB offerings and to see them already on tour is saying quite a bit.

  2. tnolan says:

    sign me up!
    very interested to see the differences that they incorporated into the Tour model. hoping these are available before July….

  3. Manuel Maldonado says:

    Boy do these look amazing!!! I sure hope we THP members get to test these before their out. I sure cant wait to see them first hand in person. Awesome stuff as always THP!

  4. Texashacker34 says:

    Awesome to hear some information come out on this thing. I guess I didn’t realize that Cobra was all about the higher HCP player, but that seems to make sense given many of their lines.

    I really like the idea behind the Tour Trusy Rusty, and hope to be able to hit it at some point in the future.

  5. ddec says:

    I am very excited to try these out. Hopefully they are an option for my Morgan Cup bag. I love the talk of removing some of the bounce so you can open the face up more. Also the talk of a straighter leading edge gets me excited to give these a go. Ricky, Jesper, and now Poulter already throwing them in the bag speaks the to quality of them.

  6. Freddie Kong says:

    I really don’t see it getting any better than that! Ricky and Ian put in play and were consulted on new design. I enjoyed the new look of the wedge. Can’t wait to see what they can do.

  7. dhjkelly says:

    I have a feeling a lot of Morgan Cup Cobra staffers are gonna have these wedges in their bags. They look seriously good

  8. Wicked Cool Bearded Man says:

    Very excited to hear this news!! Hoping these will be available for the Morgan Cup!!

  9. J4U says:

    Now those look outstanding and the fact they’ve already made the Tour is great news for Cobra.

  10. jjmorris says:

    Hopefully these make it in time for the MCers. Sounds like the made the wedge Cobra Staffers are looking for!

  11. TripleBogieTim says:

    I was wondering if these would be a tour player only wedge or get out the the general public…interesting look with the cutouts

  12. Puttin4Bird says:

    This sounds like a solid wedge, I did not like the Trusty Rusty much at all but I like the sounds of the Tour Trusty quite a bit. The proof is in the pudding with Rickie, Poults and Jesper all gaming them. Can’t wait to check them out, I’m betting some of the Morgan Cuppers hope to have this option!

  13. Nate says:

    These could be right up there for new wedge of the year from the sounds of it. I’m interested!!! I hope some of the MC’ers get to put these in their bags!

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