Bridgestone 2013 e5 e6 & e7 Preview

While at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a chance to catch up with Bridgestone Golf about the new e series lineup that over 100 THPers are testing in the forum.

2013 Bridgestone e5 Reviews

2013 Bridgestone e6 Reviews

2013 Bridgestone e7 Reviews

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  • Now that’s well done and simply put! I was wondering why the E5 flight was getting a little higher than I normally see. Really enjoying the performance all around. Need to throw the E6 & E7 into play and see the new changes in those as well. Thanks THP and Bridgestone.

  • Thanks JB. Great info Corey, enjoyed the interview.

  • Great vid JB !
    Bridgestone just keeps improving all the time.

  • Great Job Josh,

    I had noticed a little flatter ball flight during my e6 testing that equated to 5-10 more total yards for me…now I understand why.

  • This was a really good interview! I enjoyed hearing about what changed from the previous models and what the major attributes of each line are. Just from listening to Corey, I think I really need to give the e5 a try but I sure am enjoying how straight the e6 is off of the tee.

  • Awesome interview Josh! And thank you Corey from Bridgestone for the info. I love it. I have had some awesome experience so far with the E-6

  • Thanks JB and Corey! I love the E-6, but after seeing some THP reviews and hearing all of the improvements, I am pondering the E-5 pretty hard now.

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