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The THP Radio Network is filled with a variety of shows and new to the network is the Golf Unfiltered show with Adam Fonseca. The show brings new and interesting topics and interviews from the world of golf and THP is honored to have it as part of our lineup on The Hackers Paradise Podcast Network.

Josh Babbitt of THP Media returns to chat about new golf gear, variance in driver design, custom club fitting, and the resurgence of Cleveland Golf. Josh and I also announce a special contest you won’t want to miss!

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Steve Trust says:

    Love to win me this Cleveland wedge. Hopefully 60 degrees

  2. #Cookie says:

    Interesting that the 330 name change was due to number of dimples. Considering that 330 has been an integral part of their name and while I understand the need to change name since it doesn’t apply anymore I think this just leads to confusion and shows that you shouldn’t name a ball using a “hard coded” characteristic of it.

    I agree with Adam that this change doesn’t help the consumer, I’m confused again already. While I understand the ease of fitting into 4 boxes, what about the other ball lines? Are those considered “lesser”? Referring to the E series. Seemed like they previously would fit into the appropriate ball in the B line or E line.

    I’m definitely stoked to see what Cleveland is doing with both the wedge forgiveness and complete club line. Glad to hear that Srixon isn’t going away but it is strange to see the massive attention difference from one year to the next between the 2 brands.

    Enjoyed the driver fitting discussion…JB said it well with you can fit for everything except ball speed.

    I made it this far….reward me? LOL

    And contest entered.

  3. Sox Fan says:

    Very entertaining and educational listen. Especially enjoyed the discussion around club fitting.

  4. hackerenation says:

    Great listening in regarding Bridgestone golf balls, 330 name coincides with dimples never knew. I think a lot of the direct to consumer ball companies took some of Bridgestone’s ball market, consumers have so many options. Cleveland has definitely risen lately and with the tech in the CBX wedge being more forgiving for more golfer is definitely a plus. I hope Srixon innovates and brings out new tech that look good and play great, I can’t say enough for my 565 irons…made a new fan out of me.
    Fitting would be great, but I need to find a good fitter. Some of the fitters I went to, yes we went through the usual hit balls and changed out to stiffer or weaker flexes in shafts, but never changed out to different brands. From my past experience, I only liked one of my experiences where the fitter told me straight out to stick with what I have because getting anything new or changing anything won’t give me any advantages.

  5. Hyball says:

    I’am new to this site but would love having a clevelqnd wedge

  6. WILLIAM993B says:

    I would greatly appreciate winning a 54 degree CBX wedge.

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