Contest – True Temper DG Spinner Shafts

A few weeks ago, we had the creator of this shaft on the THP Radio show, and in case you missed that, here is that show available for download or listening.

True Temper on THP Radio

We also have a rather lengthy forum thread on this shaft from the people that have had a chance to try it out. You can read all their feedback right here.

With all the excitement surrounding this new launch, we wanted some of our readers to have the opportunity to try them out as well and let us know their thoughts. So with the help of True Temper, THP is going to give away a brand new shaft to FIVE people.

You will have the opportunity to have it installed on the wedge of your choice and let us know your feedback that you are seeing in this brand new technology.

To see all the rules and enter this great contest, click the link right below.

Rules & Contest Entry on THP Forum

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  • Sweet Contest TRUE TEMPER and THP! Thank you so much – only read great things about this shaft.

  • Really hope I can win this one. I would love to see what this shaft can do in my 56° wedge. Great contest, TT and THP!

  • Wow…another great contest. Thanks THP and True Temper!
    THP and True Temper are first class all the way!
    These shafts look like $MONEY$ !

  • Awesome contest!!! Mucho thanks to THP and True Temper!!

  • Thanks for the awesome contest THP and True Temper!

  • Everything I read and hear about these shafts makes me want one in my 56 degree J38 Black Oxide so bad….meet Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Puttin4Bird!!! Thanks to True Temper and THP!!

  • Great Contest. Everything I have heard about these shafts is incredible and look forward to trying them in the future. Thank you to THP and True Temper.

  • Awesome contest, thanks THP and True Temper!

  • Sweetness. Awesome as always, THP.

  • thanks

  • Great contest, awesome shaft, kudos to True Temper and THP!

  • Thanks THP and True Temper for a great contest for some great shafts!

  • I will replace shafts in my Nike VR forged and CG 15 wedges and then name them as
    Nike VR will be named as True Victory Red hot chilly temper
    and CG 15 will be named as CG-DangGood

  • true temper has always been solid… i expect nothing but great reviews.

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