Cutter & Buck Men’s & Women’s – Spring Fashion Preview 2010

This is going to be a two part review because I am going to bring you the latest Cutter & Buck has to offer for the ladies and provide all the feedback I got from our male testers to profile CBUK for the men. Earlier this year we each both did a brief review of the Spring line for men’s and ladies. I was incredibly impressed with what I saw especially from the Annika Collection so I was really excited to see what they would send for our Spring Fashion Preview.

As much as I loved the Annika collection I was actually quite pleased that this time it was from the regular Cutter & Buck line. I was looking forward to seeing more from this company and how they have evolved over the years. We received two ladies outfits that certainly lived up to my expectations.

Outfit #1:

The first outfit is simple in color but still makes a statement. The bottoms are their Women’s Primavera Shorts that feature a fabric belt with a hint of red in it. The shorts fall right at the knee and sit right on the natural waist. I like the addition of the belt I think it adds a bit of a younger feel to an otherwise traditional golf short. In front are two pockets along with two more in the back, which I have recently learned is very important to the left handed golfers. Another nice, and often overlooked, element to these shorts are the slits at the bottom. Sometimes I find that as shorts get narrower toward the knee they are sometimes too narrow for my legs so having that little extra breathing room is refreshing. Now, this isn’t always the case as I will explain for the second outfit, but more times then not it does pose a problem for me.

When I first saw the Women’s CB DryTec S/L Illuminant Polo that Cutter & Buck provided to go with the shorts I wasn’t quite sure how well it would match. I was pleasantly surprised once I tried on the complete outfit. The red really brightens the entire ensemble and looks great with the fabric belt. First thing I noticed, and I am sure many will know what I am about to say, was the v-neck. Anyone who has read my reviews in the past knows I love shirts with a v-neck so I was pleased that this sleeveless polo had one. When I first touched the polo it has a wonderful textured feel, very soft, and appeared to be 100% cotton. After further investigation I learned that the top is actually 58% modal, 38% cotton, and 4% spandex and since it has Cutter & Buck DryTec technology it is moisture wicking and provides great breathability. Since the shorts have a belt I tucked this top in but it looks just as good untucked. For those who prefer a top longer in length this would be a great option. There should be no concerns of belly showing with this top. My overall impressions of this polo are very positive, I absolutely love that it has the soft touch of cotton but the technology to be moisture wicking and I especially love the textured look and feel it adds great dimension.

What better way to complete an already sophisticated outfit then to add Cutter & Buck’s Women’s Calypso Argyle V-neck sweater. In my last review I fell head over heels in love with the Women’s Celebrity Argyle V-neck sweater so when I opened the box and saw a new sweater included I was elated. This one is all white with a red and brown stripe down the front right side and at the bottom of the stripes is a gorgeous argyle pattern also in red and brown. Made of 100% supima cotton this outerwear is some of the softest fabric I have ever felt. Just like last time this was without a doubt my favorite item we received. The sweaters run true to size and is offered in sizes XS-XL.

Outfit #2

This second outfit has a fabulous springtime look with its feature color being lavender (aka response when searching the Cutter & Buck website). Pink, purple, black, and white make up the Women’s Ethereal Short in a glen plaid design. An accent of black on the front and back pockets really pop on these shorts. Just like the ones mentioned above these fall at the knee and rest on the natural waistline. Earlier I spoke about how much I love slits at the bottom of shorts because I often find as they taper down toward the knee they get too tight for my legs. These shorts do not have a slit, however, I did not have any issue with them being too tight, which I must admit was a refreshing surprise. Made of 65% cotton and 32% Nylon these bottoms are very comfortable and pretty lightweight. My experience with Cutter & Buck has been that their bottoms tend to run a little large so you might want to consider getting one size smaller.

Continuing with the lavender theme the CB DryTec Crystal Polo was a crowd pleaser. For the most part this is a traditional looking polo but it does have a subtle embellishment on the collar with a slight texture and design difference that adds a great sense of femininity to the top. Made of 68% cotton and 32% polyester this top has a true blend of softness from the cotton and moisture wicking technology from the polyester. Many color options are available for this polo but I think the lavender (aka Response) is my favorite. Similar to the sleeveless polo discussed above this is also fairly long so feel free to swing away because your midriff will be covered. Sizes run big so if you like your tops more form fitting I recommend ordering a size down.

Once again I was incredibly impressed with the ladies apparel from Cutter & Buck. I find their clothes to preserve a small piece of old golf apparel tradition while utilizing new world design and technology. I have to say it again, if there is only one piece you pick up from this company please check out the sweaters I truly believe you will not be disappointed. I already have my eye on some more.

Now onto the men’s review. Two outfits were supplied for the guys and they are all from Cutter & Buck’s more edgy line called CBUK. Forget what you thought you knew about Cutter & Buck because CBUK is not your ordinary pro shop attire. No khakis and pleated pants here instead they offer bright, bold colors with sharp designs and adventurous plaids.


Blue skies are shining bright with this blue outfit. Plaid is in and these shorts are no exception. Blue is the dominant color in the Metropole Plaid Shorts with pops of white and black. Made of 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% Spandex these bottoms are extremely lightweight to help keep cool and relaxed during a round in the spring and summer. Mid-knee is about where they fall on the leg and they sit perfectly on the waist just at or slightly above the hip bone. Everyone said the shorts run very true to size and were the epitome of comfortable. If you are looking for something bold for spring try going blue with the CBUK Metropole Plaid Shorts.

In keeping with the blue theme the shorts above were paired with the Men’s CBUK CB DryTec Signal Polo in what they call Wager which I can best describe as Sky Blue. Soft and lightweight this tech shirt is made up of 93% polyester and 7% Spandex which is moisture wicking and guaranteed to keep you cool on a warm day. One unanimous comment about this top was that while it is a tech material it doesn’t feel cheap. Sometimes the polyester, moisture wicking tops can feel flimsy and of low quality but it was clear that the CBUK polo was well made and felt great to wear. Don’t be fooled by what appears to be a solid colored polo because if you look closer you will see a fun design element with a black line on each shoulder found on both the front and back of the top. If blue is not your color don’t worry because this polo is available in a total of five color options.

Outfit #2

Baby blue was the color scheme of the first outfit but navy blue is the color for the second one. Plaid is still the style for the Chip Shot Plaid Shorts but this time the colors are navy blue, white and a splash of orange. The fabric is exactly the same as the Metropole Plaid Shorts discussed above, therefore, the fit, cut and feel are exactly the same. For people who are looking for a little more toned down look these shorts would probably be a better choice since the colors are darker and the plaid looks a bit more traditional.

Paired with the Chip Shot Plaid Shorts is the Men’s CBUK CB DryTec Welders Polo in white and navy blue. The majority of the shirt is white, however, navy blue is featured on the shoulders and along the sides. One of the most interesting, and kind of exciting, features of this top are the ventilated sides. Staying cool is a breeze with this 96% polyester and 4% Spandex moisture wicking, ventilated shirt. Not only is the polo functional but it looks great too. Different from the first top this has a no-button placket, just a little something to change it up. Most men found the CBUK tops to be a bit more fitted, not tight, just not quite the normal ‘American’ cut they were used to.

CBUK has a lot of colorful and bold options but nothing that I would say is crazy or over-the-top and most of our testers agreed. Each piece by itself has character but if paired with a solid bottom or top the complete outfit can be perfect for the more classic dresser. If someone wants to be a tad more bold and isn’t afraid of color then something like outfit number one could be a great fit for them.

Both the men’s and ladies lines from Cutter & Buck were a hole-in-one for us. There seems to be such a great balance between tradition and technology in the new Spring line that excites us to think what is coming next. This is just another brand that continues to raise the bar and add choices for men and women that for years were just not there. For more information on any of the items you have seen here or any other products, check out their website at

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