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There are many different brands of golf shoes but it seems the styles are either classic saddle shoe or sneaker like. Well, there is a new dog in town (pun intended) called Dawgs Golf and they are changing the way people look at golf shoes. Their style resembles the very popular, exceptionally comfortable, rubber style shoes that have taken over the footwear scene. If that style is good enough to wear eight plus hours a day then surely something similar would be comfortable for four plus hours on a golf course.

From the Company:
“Golfing Shoes for Comfort and Performance

Dawgs golf shoes for Men and Women, the GOLF SPIRIT combines style and function with EVA to form the World’s Lightest Golf Shoe.

At less than 7 ounces per shoe(Men’s size 9 is under 7oz; Women’s size 7 is under 6oz), Dawgs Golf Spirit is designed for golfing in extreme comfort. While extremely light weight, the Golf Spirit shoe does not sacrifice weight for comfort. The built in properties of high quality EVA (a.k.a. Closed Cell Resin) absorb shock, protecting your heels and foot.

Golfing performance is enhanced by the Golf Spirit shoe’s 9 strategically placed soft spikes embedded in rubber/EVA out soles, keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Golfers wearing the golf spirit shoe also benefit from a quick adjusting velcro strap for immediate comfort and ventilation holes for cool comfort. The Golf Spirit Shoe provides great comfort, style and performance at a very affordable price.
Dawgs Golf Spirit Shoes are Individually Boxed with Carry Handle.”

These shoes may look different then what we are used to when it comes to golf shoes but they have all the same technological qualities as their rival companies. The first thing that someone will notice when they put these shoes on is how lightweight they feel. Even though you don’t feel like you have on a typical golf shoe the technology behind the structure of the Dawgs allows it to mold to the shape of the golfers foot creating an immediate support system and extreme comfort. These shoes also feature a high heel cup for added ankle support to prevent injury during play.

Other well thought out features included the integrated molded arch support, which according to the company, will help prevent fallen arches and planter faciitus. Adding to the full foot support of the Dwags shoes is it’s thick cushioning heel which is said to help absorb shock and impact which can help reduce foot, knee, hip, back pain, and other troublesome injuries. The picture below shows all these facts and gives a very helpful diagram to see where all this support and technology can be found.

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A feature that I think is great, especially in the warmer months, is the adjustable velcro strap. This really comes in handy when feet start to swell from the increase temperatures and humidity. Plus it makes these shoes accessible to golfers with different foot widths. As many know it can be very difficult to find shoes that are wide or extra wide. This is also wonderful for seniors who have arthritis issues and have trouble tying their shoe laces. The cooling ventilation holes are another well thought out detail to the Dawgs shoes. Because of this cooling system these shoes can be worn with or without socks if you so choose. Some might worry that wearing shoes with no socks in the summer is a recipe for a smelly disaster but these shoes are constructed to be odor resistant.

The response on the Dawgs golf shoes are mixed because some really loved the style and thought it was a brilliant addition to the golf course and loved how these broke the mold of traditional golf shoes. On the other hand, several golfers felt that this style was too far from the norm and they weren’t sure they could venture that much from tradition. However, while there was a major differing of opinions when it came to the looks of the Dawgs everyone did agree on one thing and that was the comfort. All the golfers were really surprised at just how comfortable these shoes felt once they were on their feet.

The Dawgs are not your ordinary golf shoe and they are definitely thinking outside the box when it comes to traditional golfwear but for someone looking for something a little bit different these are definitely worth checking out. The style might be unique but because of all the technology that has gone into constructing these shoes performance and comfort will not be lost. There are several different color options available for both men and women as well as children. For more information on Dawgs and all they have to offer you can visit their website here.

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