Driver vs Driver Season 2: Get Those Entries In

Last year the landmark reality show on the Golf Channel showcased the creation from idea through design of a modern driver. Individuals and teams competed to have their project become the next driver to hit store shelves and even be used at the highest level on the PGA Tour. When the dust settled, the Triton was born and the reviews of that driver on the THP Forum have been extremely positive.

A couple of weeks ago Wilson and Golf Channel announced that Season 2 would be taking place and that the first step would be to submit your entry. The application is setup online at the Golf Channel and it is a fairly simple process. So what are you waiting for? You could be the next huge winner of the cash grand prize and become a Wilson Brand Ambassador as well as see your idea become creation and end up in golfer’s hands everywhere.

Let’s face it, every golfer at some point has thought “I know I could make a great golf club” and now you have the chance. Only a few days left to sign up, so jump on over to the Golf Channel here to fill out the application.

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