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This is the THP FIRST LOOK at the new drivers coming out from Cleveland Golf in 2011. These are in hand pictures and THP has had the opportunity to test this line of drivers extensively before release and a full review will be coming very soon. This driver line was one of the biggest hits at the 2010 THP Golf Outing & Demo Day and people have continued to rave about it for the last month. Now we can show off what people have been talking about.

Cleveland's Lightest Driver Ever

With traditional stylings in the club head at setup, the golfing purists will be incredibly happy. With three models in the line, Cleveland has marked each on the sole showing the name 270, 290, or 310, signifying the weight of the driver. The Miyazaki C. Kua shaft shines of gold and really adds something incredible to the looks of the clubs. Each shaft is labeled clearly with the corresponding weight and flex, as well as the International Flex Code. You can read more about the International Flex Code that Miyazaki uses by clicking here.

Shaft Technology
Cleveland Golf has partnered with Miyazaki to offer an authentic Tour/Aftermarket C. Kua series shaft as the standard offering in the Launcher Ultralite series. Miyazaki sets the bar for cutting-edge shaft technology and manufacturing precision, delivering premium performance consistency while maintaining ultralite weight. The C. Kua line has been reviewed here by THP and you can check that out by clicking here.

As mentioned previously, Cleveland Golf is releasing three different models and they are based on the total club weight. As the namesake says, the company is going light in weight to assist golfers with increasing swing speed. This has been done before by quite a few golf companies, but in the end, most had balance issues and created accuracy problems for many golfers that picked them up. This is just not the case in what we have sampled out of the new Cleveland Launcher Ultralite series. Golfers found using a smooth tempo was showing both an increase in swing speed (as well as ball speed), thus creating more distance. The lighter club head is married perfectly with the Miyazaki shaft of one’s choosing, thus creating the model choice quite easy for each golfer. 270, 290, and 310 models (weight) give every golfer a shot at increasing distance by finding the model that works best for them and still remain lighter than most on the market.

I will leave that to those that had a chance to test it out at the THP Demo Day and their feedback. Click the link right below this and see Hi-Res pictures (larger) and tons of feedback from everybody in attendance at the outing. Get feedback from 50 regular consumers that got a chance to try out this new driver line pre-release.

Feedback & more pictures are available by clicking the link below.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Driver Pictures & Demo Day Feedback

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  1. Ryan says:

    I love that Cleveland is working so closely with Miyazaki for next year’s line. This driver had great feel and sound.

  2. hanks says:

    Cleveland is definitely leading the charge with offering high end shafts without changing the price point too much. Well done Cleveland!

  3. Capt Golf says:

    I want one NOW!

  4. gdb1980 says:

    very interested to see if lighter means further….? Too light?

  5. Rick Pam says:

    Has Cleveland set a date when these will be available?

  6. Administrator says:

    They are a 2011 product, so expect Feb-March

  7. crazzy says:

    they are a little too ugly for me to put in my bag.

  8. Prof_Mulligan says:

    Do all golfers hit all their drives with knock-down-the-wall speed all the time? I rarely ever swing a club at full torque, so what value is a lighter club to the average golfer? Swing weight seems to help my timing, and good timing hits me more fairways. However, when I hit a good drive, I frequently wish I’d given it more juice. Comments?

  9. It appears that a number of the links in your footer are broken. You might want to look around really quickly to work out what’s going on with that.

  10. Steve says:

    Bought the 290 model driver yesterday! Tried the Taylormades (old model Burner, R11, R9), Ping G15 and Callaway latest models. I am 58 years old and hit this driver straighter and 15-20 yds farther than all the rest in the golf simulator! Love the feel. Proof that there is seldom a “best driver for all”. Have to try them all.

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