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Callaway MD4 Wedges


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  • Callaway MD4 Wedges

    The new Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges are coming soon and we have all of the details right here on the home page.
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    CBX 50* and RTX-4 56* & 60* PM Grind 19
    Chrome Soft X

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    I like the shape of these... looks to be in between the MD3 and MDF

    too bad the X Grind is only available in the high lofts (for now?)
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      I am very impressed, luv the matte black finish and the look of these wedges, they are just a huge step forward and the level of!

      Based on your overview these wedges are definitely going to need a fitting with 4 different grind options. Looking forward to the user testing and feedback.
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        Not to hijack this thread but do you think they will freshen up the pm grind wedge
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          Nice looking wedges for sure. These should do the trick for an update to the very good MD3 wedge line.

          Looking forward to hearing what the Grandaddy guys have to say about them.
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          Wedges: 2019 PM Grind 54° Recoil 95 F3
          Putter: Stroke Lab 2 Ball Fang OR Stroke Lab EXO 2 Ball
          Ball: ERC Soft


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            Throwing some pics up this morning before I head off to work and will get my thoughts posted a little later today. For a guy like me who has some difficulty with his wedge game these have performed well over the course of my Grandaddy matches and the limited usage since I've been back.

            More to come..

            Top club is my old RTX3
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              These look good, I've always struggled with Callaway wedges but seeing the improvement from Nate with these in hand was pretty telling. Definitely not the same old Mack Daddy....
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              Hybrids: 816 H1 19* & 23*
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                Will be giving these a go. Look like a mix of the MD2 and MD3 visually to me. The X grind is much ballyhoo'd by several who were at Callaway in December, so I'd enjoy giving it a try having gamed every version of the MD's at some point.
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                - Tour Proto Savage Too -
                Center-Shaft 373g
                Taylormade - 2019 TP5x


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                  Originally posted by Jman View Post
                  Will be giving these a go. Look like a mix of the MD2 and MD3 visually to me. The X grind is much ballyhoo'd by several who were at Callaway in December, so I'd enjoy giving it a try having gamed every version of the MD's at some point.
                  Yeah one of my regrets from fitting day was not getting fit for the wedges and trying them out. The guys with the X grind absolutely raved about them

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                  Wedges: RTX4 54/58
                  Putter: Custom
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                    No longer redacted wedges

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                    Wedges: RTX-4 54° Mid & 58° Low Recoil Wedge Proto F5
                    Putter: Toulon Stroke Lab San Diego 35”
                    Ball: Z-Star
                    Grips: Multi-Compound New Decade Red & Black

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                      Great article and thanks for the information.

                      They may look like the MD3, but reading the details a bit deeper, there is a lot that has changed (for the better) with the MD4 line. I'm looking to switch up my wedges to gap better from my GW and I'm going to have to take a hard look at these as options.
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                        Redacted no more...

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                        Driver: Rogue SZ w/ Helium Proto 5F4 Shaft
                        3 Wood: Rogue SZ 3W+ w/ Synergy
                        Hybrid: Rogue X 18 Degree w/ Hybrid Proto
                        Hybrid: Rogue 21 Degree w/ Hybrid Proto
                        Irons: Apex '19 5-AW w/ C-Taper Lite
                        Wedges: RTX-4 54 Mid 58 Low w/ Dynamic Gold S400
                        Putter: Garage Columbus
                        Ball: “The Ball” or Z-Star
                        Testing: Equalizer Wedges - 54 & 58 w/ Recoil 780 F4 SMAC Wrap
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                          I love the looks of the MD4 wedges. I know the performance will be there as well. Looking forward to getting these in the bag
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                          Fairway Wood: M5 Max Carry
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                          Putter: FGP
                          Ball: Chrome Soft/ Truvis


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                            Wow as an MD2 player I never really liked the MD3's. Being in the market for new wedges I will have to give these a look for sure I love the black, but I could do without the red.
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                              My initial thoughts will come later but I wanted to throw some pics up for you guys because I absolutely love these wedges. Coming from MD3 and PM Grind I will say that these wedges blow them out of the water in terms of feel and spin. I don’t have much experience with them yet but man they share so look good.

                              P.S. Big thanks again to ItsOpeningDay for making these “G” labels for all of us to throw on the wedges.

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