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What did you shoot today?


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  • What did you shoot today?

    The previous thread was getting too large so I shut it down and started this one. You can still reference back to the old thread here
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  • #2
    Got the chance to play with Nate and Cookie today at a nice course close to me. Fun round with these gentlemen.
    Not the best golf was played, but I shot 46/39=85. There were a few holes today that we saw some strange bounces.
    In my Hybrid Bag;
    Driver: R9
    3W: Stage 2 15
    Hybrid: Pro 20
    Irons Z 545 with Recoils
    Wedges: 47, 51, 54, 58
    Putter: M1
    Ball: B330, B330s


    • #3
      Played horrendous today. Battled some back issues before the vodka kicked in and offered some relief but it's no excuse.


      4/13 FW
      4/18 GIR
      32 putts

      It was a struggle outside of putting today. Swing wasn't "on" and it really showed off the tee and with iron play. Making an iron swap this week to add some more forgiveness back to the bag.
      Driver: G400 LST
      Fairway: EX9 Tour 15*
      Hybrids: 816 H1 19* & 23*
      Irons: JPX EZ Forged 5i-GW
      Wedges: CBX 54*/60*

      Putter: Select Newport 2


      • #4
        40 - 41 - 81. Only 1 birdie (missed a lot of opportunities with 5 makeable birdie putts inside 12 feet) and 2 doubles. Predominant miss all day was a low pull hook hit low on the club face. Was able to accomplish this shot with any club in my bag.
        Driver: GS53 10.5 w/ Accra TZ6
        FWs: GS53 3W & 5W w/ Helium 5F4
        VKTR 22* w/ iRoD 75
        Irons: PTx Pro 5 - PW w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
        Wedges: Equalizer 50, 54, 58 w/ Recoil 780 ES SW
        Putter: BHB03
        Ball: B330-RX / Tour B RX


        • #5
          Shot 38/35-73 +2 Friday. Solid day but the greens were SO SLOW after overseeding. Another week or two and they should be good to go.
          Driver: Rogue 10.5-N/-1,Neutral, Graphite Design Tour IZ 6x
          3W: Rogue SZ 15*, Graphite Design Tour IZ
          3h: Rogue 19*. GD Tour Ad Di
          Utility Iron: UT 21*
          Irons: P790 5-AW with S300 AMT
          Wedges: MD4 54* and 60*
          Putter: 7s Red
          Rangefinder: Hybrid
          Ball: TP5X


          • #6
            Played 9 holes with my wife for what's probably going to be one of the last times this year. Shot a 42 (par 35), and left a few strokes on the course. Lipped out a couple par/birdie putts, and made a stupid club decision on 9 that put me in the water, resulting in my only double on the day (burned the edge on the bogey putt...). All in all, a great day for golf.
            Proud member of Team THP in the 2018 Granddaddy with

            Driver: Epic Flash With Custom HZRDUS Smoke
            Fairway: Epic Flash with Tensei Blue 75
            Hybrids: '19 Apex 3h and 4h with Catalyst 70
            Irons: Apex Forged 5-PW w/ Elevate 95
            Wedges: MD4 48-54-58 w/ Modus 105
            Putter: Stroke Lab Three
            Ball: Chrome Soft X

            Thanks to PX and THP for an incredible Handcrafted Experience!


            • #7
              83 today. Rough day only three fairways hit. Lucky I shot what I shot. Had a lot of great laughs and fun today despite round.
              Driver: Callaway BBA 815 10.5, Miyazaki B. Asha
              TM Aero 16.5HL 3W
              Callaway XR 19
              Wilson F4 Utility 3 Iron 21
              : XR Pro irons 5
              -PW w/KBS Tour V90 Stiff
              Callaway MD3 50, 54, 60
              Grips: Golf Pride CP2 Midsize

              SeeMore m2 private reserve


              • #8
                Today was one of those rounds that really shows that the golf season is winding down. Shot 46-41-87 that ESC'd to an 82. Had 3 birdies, 5 bogeys, 1 double, 2 snowmen, and a 9. Literally anything could have and did happen. I even hit the flagstick on the par three 9th and watched the ball ricochet 40 feet away then 3-putt for bogey. All three birdies came on the back. My putter was on fire. The crosshand grip I was practicing was rolling it pure all day. I had 7 one-putts on the back 9 and 11 overall. Despite the two 3 putts from poor distance control, today was easily my best putting day of the year.
                Driver: M1 9.5 w/ Kuro Kage TiNi 60-X
                Woods: 915F 18 w/ Rogue Black 80-S
                Hybrid: 816 H2 21
                Irons: J40 DPC/CB 5-PW Combo Set w/ PX Flighted 6.0
                Wedges: Vokey SM5 48/08 F grind, 52/10 M grind, 58/11 K grind
                Putter: Dual Balance Newport 2 & Works 1W
                Ball: ChromeSoft

                Proud participant in the 2016 Club Clash and Bridgestone Championship!


                • #9
                  78 today.
                  +1 on the front and +5 on the back. Driver got a little wonky for me on the back 9 but the short game was on point all day.


                  • #10
                    Had an up and down 79 yesterday (71 with the callaway scoring system). Went double, birdie, double, birdie on 14/15/16/17. Lol
                    Epic SZ with HZRDUS Yellow
                    RBZ 3 wood
                    Rescue Mid 3
                    Tour Preferred Combo
                    Tour Preferred 52, 56, 60
                    2016 Select Newport 2
                    Tour Preferred X


                    • #11
                      I shot a 66 today. Oh, and Six4Three5 helped.

                      TyNo/kc720 never stood a chance.
                      In my Team Hackers Vessel/Cobra Arnold Palmer Stand Bag

                      KING F9 Speedback 9* Driver
                      KING F9 Speedback 13.5* Tour Fairway
                      Z U85 18* Utility Iron
                      KING F9 Speedback 4/5 Irons
                      KING Forged TEC Black 6-G Irons
                      RTX4 Black 50/54/58 Wedges
                      Super Rat


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Canadan View Post
                        I shot a 66 today. Oh, and Six4Three5 helped.

                        TyNo/kc720 never stood a chance.
                        Jerk. Chip ins and 290 carry drives are not fair

                        Driver: Rogue Subzero THCE Custom
                        Fairways: Rogue Subzero 15 Graphite Design TP
                        Hybrids: 718 TMB 2 and 4 EvenFlow Black
                        Irons: Apex MB 18 $ taper 5 to 9
                        wedges: Vokey SM6 46F, 50F, 56F, 60M $ taper
                        Putter: Scotty Cameron NP2
                        Ball: Chome soft x


                        • #13
                          32 putts on punched greens...good
                          2 Penalties...bad
                          2 Birds
                          9 Pars
                          5 Bogeys
                          2 Doubles
                          Rogue Sub Zero Plus 8*D EvenFlow HandCrafted T1100 White 65g 6.5
                          P-790 UDI 2 HXRDUS Black 85g 6.0
                          4-PW Ft Worth Black 2*Flat TourV S Hardstep
                          RTX4 Black 52-56-60-64
                          O-Works 2-Ball Red
                          B330/TP5X/AVX/OG Kirkland


                          • #14
                            A little better today, still not hitting it good, 83 (42,41)

                            913 D2 10.5, Rogue Black, 60 S
                            hybrids G
                            25 20*, 23*,
                            23* and 31* , TFC 189H S
                            AP 2, 7-W True Temper XP 95 S

                            Vokey SMm5 52*
                            Mack Daddy PM grind 56* and 60*
                            Daddy Long Legs 38"


                            • #15
                              played well yesterday so it stands to reason I'd shoot a 97 today. Couldn't do anything. Tee shots: sucked Irons: OK, but basically sucked. Putting: take a guess. I parred 1 hole. 1. I hate this game. I cant wait to play next weekend so I can break 80.
                              in my cart bag:

                              Driver G. 10.5 deg & Tour 65 shaft
                              Hybrid V3 3 iron & V3 4 iron
                              Irons C200 4i - Gap Wedge
                              Wedges SM6 54* & 60*
                              Putter White Hot RX
                              Balls Pro V1


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