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    Is it just me?

    0 since 1987. My 77 year old aunt has 9, my mother got her first last year at the age of 78. Not sure I will live long enough to ever get one.
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    The Publix Sub Thread

    Footlong 5 grain bread, extra mayo, Boar's Head turkey & provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black pepper, oil and vinegar.
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    Do you use different grips on woods vs irons?

    No, but I do use different grips on my wedges. I have alignment grips on my clubs, but I found them distracting when opening up my wedges.
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    Contest: Win a Shot Scope V3

    Have you tried a data tracking device? Yes, really enjoy seeing my stats and where I'm gaining/losing strokes. What makes you want to try the awesome Shot Scope V3? I won't have to keep my damn phone in my front pocket any longer!
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    Favorite Protein Powders?

    I posted earlier in the thread about an independent lab test of commercially available protein powders and this one was the worst in the test. According to the report it only contained 43% of the listed protein content. I used to use this powder, because it was cheap, but realized I would need...
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    Probably an old question about grips

    Have you tried the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2 G? That's also a very tacky soft grip, at least by GP standards, but should wear better than the DriTac.
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    Easiest way to remove a Superstroke putter grip

    It will work, just takes a lot more effort. I've used a hook blade to remove 3.0's and 5.0's, which are enormous grips.
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    Do you brush your teeth before or after your morning coffee?

    Depends. If I'm home I brush after, if I have an early tee time I brush and pick up coffee on the way.
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    Easiest way to remove a Superstroke putter grip

    Yes, most grips that are applied with tape & solvent are a bear to get off and save, almost all of them get mishapen in some way. To cut them off get a hook blade and run it up the front of the grip and just pull it apart.
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    What cigar did you smoke today?

    Blanco NINE Lancero.
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    Your Favorite Pizza Place

    I don't know if it's still in existence, but Armands in D.C. was my favorite pizza of all time. They specialized in deep dish, but it was not the greasy deep dish that Chicago, Pizza Hut and others make, it was more of a dry crust and it was heaven.
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    Sand Greens

    There is private community in Annapolis, MD that has a 9-hole course with sand greens. Played it a couple times and it's a totally different game. You need to lay up short of the green and let it bounce on to the sand to hold the green. The greens are tamped pretty solidly so putting is not as...
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    Favorite Protein Powders?

    Optum & Trutein. I read an independent report a while ago that analyzed the listed label contents on a number of commercial protein powders which showed Optum & Trutein to be closest to the listed labeled grams of protein. The WalMart brand Body Fortress had 43% of its labeled protein.
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    Grip Tape Application: Spiral Wrap or Straight

    think you might be right. I regripped a Ping wedge for a neighbor last summer and it was a spiral job.

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