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  • Not sure if my message got out to you sometimes the PM seems unreliable Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes . I hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving and it looks like we both got our wish of our Football teams coming out on top. Take care during the Holiday season
    Thanks Gap! I hope you had a nice holiday and were able to get out and golf in the nice weather.
    Thanks, and same to you Al. Getting together with the family and hoping the Pack gets it done.
    I'm headed to Texas, never been there before. I'm taking my daughter to visit SMU and audition for thier dance program on the 19th. I'll be in the Dallas Ft Worth area from the 18th thru 20th and was wondering what the golf courses are like and some recomendations as to where to play that won't bust the wallet. Help me out fellow THP'rs. Gap
    Gap, I wanted to thank you for your service. It was guys like you that created the path for guys like me to make the decision to defend our country.
    Gap it killed me to have to work. Wound up working line coverage for the Skins game wasn't too bad gives me some extra $$ for habits and hobbies. Golf Golf and more Golf. Keep me in mind if it looks like good weather I'm not against heading south to play with a shipmate.
    It was a pleasure meeting you today Gap! We all had fun, which is all that matters. I can't wait until we have the big one again next May, but hopefully we can get some small gatherings from time to time if the weather is decent this winter. Take care buddy. ~Ryan
    Great to meet you to Gap. I always enjoy meeting guys like you that served in the Navy, and can talk about the differences from the Navy you remember and the Navy of today. Thanks for the support on the homework, and I will make sure to let you know when I make Chief.
    Gap Thanks for reaching out, I'm Va all the time. I'll look you up next time I'm in town...
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