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  • You are so awesome buddy! Can't wait to see you in December. We're going to throw back a few!!
    I found your new avatar..

    I may be up there sometime this summer because my daughter is trying to buy a townhouse and if she does I'll probably come up and help her move and such. I'll give you a shout if I do and we'll tee it up.

    Yeah, Jim. It was a great long weekend. I hated to see it end.
    Don't worry about the meatballs, man. That was probably the cheapest thing I did all weekend. You can buy me a drink the next time we get together. They did turn out pretty good though. I wasn't sure until you got back and sampled them.
    I had a blast playing with you to buddy. The villa crawl wasn't a bad time either. We are definitely going to have to do it again sometime.
    Hey Sharkman, just sent you a detailed PM, my log shows it didn't get out there, but I'll try again later today. What's up with your site/e-mail Gap
    WOW.. my notifications must be really messed up... LOL... I ended up getting a Leupold GX-1. Thanks for the heads up though.
    Wildblue is DTV's internet. Its ok but this was to much for it. Smalls started a thread and I hope everyone that submitted puts there vids in it.
    Yea I am online, I have wildblue internet. It sucks but thats all we have out in the sticks. This is just to much for my connection, hope everyone posts there vids in a thread so I can view them there.
    Thanks sharkman, I'll predict GB and Baltimore in the Super bowl. Theyn are the twp best in each league. Regards, Gap
    Happy Thanksgiving sharkman! Hope the Pack and Ravens both win tomorrow, that would make my day! Be the best, Gapwedge
    Hey Shark, sorry you had to work today, the outing was great and I met 3 great guys from THP in Virginia. maybe next time shipmate. So, lets hope the Ravens don't give up as many points as my Packers did today. They were lucky. Gap
    Sharkman, I'm going to cancel the t times and you're right about the weather. I'm thinking about early November down here in the Richmond area at a couple of different courses that I personally know the managers and they would give us anything we wanted. November looks to be warmer first couple of weeks, and I'll give you guys some idea on the courses as soon as I know the interest level. We'll kepp in touch for sure. Your pal, Gap
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