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  • Hi Patty,
    I am looking for some taylormade weight kits to mess around with my R11 and ghost putter, i was wondering if you have any in your store for sale?

    Thank you so much


    (I love my ghost putter that I bought from you guys before I joined THP thank you!)
    I didn't want to post in the thread, but I am sorry to hear that you were treated that way in regards to the CB3 deal. It seems really out of character, from my time here and I really hope it gets handed appropriately, even IF it does mean legal action. UGH! That just sucks.
    Hi Patty,

    Looking at getting Puma Super Cells or Adidas ATV's in size 10, was wondering you you had either?

    Chris (can also be reached at if email is easier)
    Hi Patty,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your help.
    I ended up getting the J40 set and the Cleveland cart bag off Dennis.

    Hey Patty,

    Have talked to you in a while. How are you and Dennis?

    I was hoping you could get me a price on a 34" Taylormade Ghost Spider putter.

    Hi Patty
    I have a couple questions. What would the upcharge be for golf pride yellow and black grips be? Is there shipping or tax?

    Hi Patty:
    Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving
    Is Blind9 selling the Cleveland 588 wedges with the Miyasaki 95 wedge shaft? If so how much for a RH 54° 8° bounce?

    Jack aka Portaltib
    are you guys selling the new Srixon Q-star yellow ball? If so, how much and what would the shipping be to CA?

    Jack (aka portaltib)
    Hi Patty, just recieved my Srixon Z-Star sticks. I love them, hopefully they'll love me too. Thanks to you and Blind9 for your excellent service. This will not be the last time I purchase products through you guys. Have a great outing.
    18 weeks pregnant? I bet you are so darling. Won't matter what you wear. I need to call PGA National SOON and make sure I can rent clubs and book a massage in the spa. I am NOWHERE near ready. I still don't know what pro I'm going to dress-up as.
    Your little one is very cute as well! Thanks so much for the welcome. Love it here so far!
    Hi Patty, just stopping by to say "hi" since it looks like I'm golfing with you at the outing. Can't wait. I'm so excited to get away for a vacation. It'll be fun to meet so many THPers in person. Are you ready for the trip?
    Hi Patty,
    Do you have a good deal on the Clicgear 3.0??
    I was told you might!
    Greg S.
    Thanks for your help with the TM TR3 Swing Sleeve. I sent my payment in and can't wait to get it and put it right to work on helping my game! I will look for you in the future for more equipment. And I have been posting on all the threads about: What golf stuff you purchased today and TR3 Swing Sleeve, that you hooked me up and if anyone wants one you have them! And your Customer Service is outstanding!
    ill search to see if there is a thread already started hahaha... i love paranormal stuff as long as its not amityville style
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