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    Golftec Problem

    Hey guys I thought I would ask you all for some advice. My brother went for a $99 lesson. After the lesson he was told about various pacakges and given some brochures. He really wants to get better, but money is tight, and lessons are expensive. After a lot of thinking, he decided on a $750...
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    Nike Storm Fit

    I am looking to gear up for rainy season and am looking at the gear out there. I was wondering if anyone has tried Nike Storm Fit rain gear and what their thoughts are. Also, is it a significant improvement over Clima Fit? It is pricier but I am not sure what the difference is.
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    Nike Rain Shoes

    I hope this thread doesnt exist, I searched buy couldnt find anything. Anyway, I have played a few rounds in the rain lately and ruined one pair of shoes and another pair are on the brink. I am looking into getting a good pair of rain shoes, I have my eye on the Nike Bandons, but would love...
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    My Outing Training Thread

    The 2012 Outing has really motivated me to pick my game up and get ready. I thought I would start a thread so I could share with you guys what I am doing to prepare, to hear any suggestions you might have and to track my progress. Right now my handicap is about 26 but dropping. I have done...
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    Stolen Ipod Need Advice

    Hey guys I have a weird situation. Some jerk stole my Ipod Touch a couple days ago, I think a valet, but they deny it. So I used the Icloud page, put a password lock, wipe and everything else. It says it can do this when it connects. Then I get home from work just now, check my MacBook and...
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    MacBook, Apple TV etc.

    So, in the latest installment of "ripper knows nothing about technology" I have a question for you guys who do. I am very interested in Apple TV and that got me interested in a Mac Book. I love the idea that since I live in another country right now, I can use Facetime to call my folks and...
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    Do I need a wireless router?

    I have a question: I have seen a couple threads on here discussing which is the best router. My question is, do I need one? I run two laptops and Xbox Live and well, an Ipod off the internet and thats about it. I am not sure if I need a router or what would be the benefit of having one. Can...
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    Henry, a future THPer

    I havent connected much in the last week, mainly because something big has been going on in my life. I am proud to announce the birth of my first child, Henry. It was a long, very long, and stressful day but everyone is resting nicely now. I hope to get some pics up soon and introduce him to...
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    Get Well Jorge44

    Today my father, George (jorge44), is undergoing gall bladder surgery and I would ask everyone to send some good vibes his way. It seems like it is not a huge surgery and he should be released the same day, but any kind of surgery is always a big deal. I hope this will relieve a lot of the...
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    Ford Sync System

    Yesterday I bought a Fusion with the Microsoft Sync System and I am wondering if anyone else is using the Sync and what your thoughts are. Any good tips or tricks? The user manual is about 85 pages so its going to take me a while to get through it, but so far it looks like a fun gadget.
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    The Tiger Woods Fan Thread

    Taking an idea from a fellow member, I think we need a thread where Tiger and Tiger related news can be discussed without the "haters" chiming in. I personally would like a place to have an intelligent Tiger conversation that is not immediately reduced to jokes and disparaging statements. I...
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    Iron vs Wood/Hybrid Swing

    Hi Andy, Maybe you can help me, my problem is that for the life of me I cannot get my irons and wood/hybrids going at the same time. If I take a lesson and get my wood going well, I lose the feel for the irons. The opposite is true when I get my irons working nicely. Maybe its all in my...
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    Cloud Storage

    Hey guys, I am wondering what cloud storage service you would recommend? I really just want to have remote access to files, back things up and have some specific folders designated to my family to view pictures. I am leaning towards dropbox based on reviews.
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    Please cross your fingers

    So.. I am really pumped up because I am playing in my first ever tournament this weekend. Its at a course 3 hours outside of Mexico City, so I brought my SUV in today for maintenance just to make sure everything is running the way it should. The first thing they always tell you is to remove...
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    Choi to give $200,000 to tornado relief

    I saw this online and thought it was pretty cool that he is doing this for a lot of people that could use the extra help right now. PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — K.J. Choi is giving $200,000 from his win at The Players Championship to help victims of the tornados that ravaged the southeastern...

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