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  • Very good except busy and can't miss any days. Saw you are travelling to Dallas for the outing so things must be good on your end. I'm going to play tomarrow around 10 if interested.
    Let me know if you are headed out for a round, will tag a long if possible.
    Hi Ron,
    I am heading for Florida for a couple of week around May 24, If you need a fourth player, I can probably make it. I am thinking that I will be back by then.
    Hey Ron,

    I'm interested, but I'll have to check with the boss. I should be available from Work otherwise that day so its up to family plans. What course is it at?
    sounds like fun but that is a friday and my first week back from two weeks vacation. Let me see what I can do, what course is it at?
    Sorry to hear the irons didn't come today man, OEM's didn't come either. I'm sure they will get here tomorrow for you, for some nice weekend golf.
    Hi Ron,
    Sorry it took awile to get back with you. I already have a busy schedule for May so I will not be able to make it this time around. I have played Buffalo Run before and that would be nice to play there again. Maybe I wil be a get chance to play with you later in the summer.
    No sir! i called my course today to see if i could hit on the range, and it isn't open yet. I am so itching to play. Can't wait till Friday (they say the course might be open then. Anyway, guess I will keep hitting ping-pong balls inside till then. You play yet?
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