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  • Hey Bahester, who would you be interested in from my team for MJD.

    My team name is Yo Adrian.

    Thanks man. It was hard to hold back the emotions out there. Are you planning on entering next year
    Sorry man, I really wish I could because that would be awesome, but I want to stay married.
    I'd like too but my passport hasn't gotten here yet. Mine expired about 3 months ago and I"m waiting for my new one.
    Do you still have that Ghost Maranello putter? I've got a friend who wants one.
    I really liked the 8.5 SuperTri head in my first round with it.
    Agreed! Maybe we'll even catch up some fish when we throw out the bait! haha, keep it up! :D
    haha, absolutely no hard feelings, I love me some banter! You might notice I'm a little sarcastic and have a dry sense of humour - I love to get some reaction going! :D
    Nothing wrong with wanting those sticks. I'm pretty good friends with the owner of the GOLFUSA here in Asheville and he says they're the best looking irons on the market. I hope to get mine soon dude. I'm not an S300 fan but they do work well. Start saving some $$$$ bro.
    Similar size, topline, offset, etc. But mostly b/c the stock CFS shaft in the i20 is a 109gram shaft, and I want PXi 5.5's in my 588's, which are 108grams. Perfect preparation dude. Plus I just really wanted the 20's. Loved them the first time I hit them.
    I did buy Ci11's and i20's dude. A proper shootout! I wanted to get the i20's so I'd have an iron set similar to the 588 CB's to prepare with for the Morgan Cup.
    Thanks a lot man! I appreciate you reaching out and letting me know.
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