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Mar 1, 2011
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I know this has nothing to do with golf. But I wanted to discuss it. The Detour is a new comedy show that is on TBS. It premiered last week and is on Mondays at 9pm. It is hilarious! It's the funniest new show out there in my opinion. Has anyone else watched it? I'm a fan already.
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I stumbled upon this show yesterday afternoon and watched the first 2 episodes. I thought it was hilarious. I need to set up my DVR to record it.
I stumbled upon this show yesterday afternoon and watched the first 2 episodes. I thought it was hilarious. I need to set up my DVR to record it.

Yep mine is already set. It's too funny.

"You eat it?" "Yep on special occasions like birthdays." Ha ha ha ha ha
Monday's episode was pretty funny as well. Nate didn't know about his wife's DUI. Blow device installed on their van. Loving this show so far!
I've seen commercials for it, but will set the DVR to give it a try next week.
I'm still loving this show. Anyone else like it?
Something new to try!! Thanks!
So far I have only seeing the premiere and that was hilarious!!! I haven't had the chance to catch any more episodes, but will definitely try to catch up! Plus I enjoy seeing the wife, Natalie Zea!!!
This might be the funniest show we have ever watched. The last episode literally had us crying.
This last episode had me rolling as well JB. The episode before the last one was just ok. Still loving this show.
I've watched all of them and it's filthy good. The cast is great and even the kids are hilarious. Jason Jones is definitely the antithesis of good guy Ed Helms type. Natalie Zea is always bootyful and you could tell on Justified she liked being a smart-arse.

The subject matter is filthier than most though so it will turn off many thinking it's family fun like "Vacation"
Watched the first episode this morning. Hilarious. I will never look at Pennsylvania the same.

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Looking forward to tonight's episode. Preview looks funny!
Ok, so I looked this up and they have some full episodes on YouTube. I'm halfway through the Pilot and I already know I want to watch more of this show!
Great show! It's my core sense of humor, the Montezuma Buffet episode was hilarious!!

I don't often like gross humor like that, but when he "does his business" as we say with the dogs, by that guys car, I laughed so hard I started crying. That was hilarious!
I loved the "how I met you mom" episode....too funny!
I love this show. Just saw the restaurant one and it is my favorite by far.

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The Detour

Dbl post. I am not smart.

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I watched the first episode at lunch and thought it was funny. Thanks to my new cable providers **** on demand selection 2-4arent on there, I will have to see if they are showing reruns soon or I'll have to just skip to 5.
I finished this season today, I enjoyed it. The how I met your mother episode was the best by a wide margin.
Second season coming in Feb. Can't wait, I really liked this show.
Season 2 starts tonight at 10 pm. Can't wait.