More Fun: Grandpa Jamie Pranks Again

The fun is back with Grandpa Jamie, otherwise known as superstar of distance, Jamie Sadlowski. Teaming up with Cleveland Golf, they spent some time at both the mammoth Roger Dunn Super Store as well as the golf course for the surprise action. Sadlowski, done up in makeup to look like an 87 year old man, doubles down on the pranks with some fun “Want to have a long drive contest” with consumers and onlookers.

This time, he’s brought along his best friend Uncle Jake (9-time PGA Tour winner Peter Jacobsen) to join in on the fun. The two of them have way too much fun with customers and golfers and you can watch it all unfold here.

How would you react if an older gentleman came up for the challenge and then proceeded to hit it 375 yards?

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