Grafalloy BiMatrix Shaft Preview

THP TV got a chance to speak with Grafalloy about the new BiMatrix shaft while at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show. Style meets tour driven performance.

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  • Pretty cool what they are doing with the colors, liking those options. Very solid pricing on driver shafts, looking forward to trying these out. I did not know that this was what Bubba was playing in his driver.

  • This may be the most interesting shaft I saw at the show. It does catch your eye when you see it. I’d like to give this a go in an extra club.

  • Awesome interview. As a high spin player, this is seriously on my radar.

  • Great interview, liking what I am hearing about pairing it with a higher lofted driver head. Steel tip section is quite intriguing as well!

  • Higher loft/Lower spin…seems to be a common theme with many shaft companies now. Good to see these starting to come out in some new colors!

  • Lower launch, lower spin, variety of colors…great combination!

  • Ooooohhhh, me likey!! High lauch, low spin in a J40 head….that would be awesome!!

    I had no idea that’s what Bubba was playing.

  • Steel tip? Seems like a another take on the half-and-half shaft. personally, I love the innovation.

  • I like the price point on these. Like he said higher loft with lower spin. Could be an interesting combo and something to test out.

  • I got a lime green one for my VRS, and was able to hit it yesteraday; I immediately noticed slightly higher ball flight, and since it had rained, I can’t really say how much roll I got; but this shafts had a much more noticible kick (good thing) and feels amazing imho, and at this price, def worth a shot

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