Honma TW-W21 Wedges Review

The new Honma TW-W21 wedges are here and in this episode of TESTED! we put them through their paces. This classically shaped wedge has some unique stuff going on and we explain it all.

In this video, we start with some overhead tech specs and explanation of what the Honma TW-W21 wedges are. Then hop into the hitting bay for a few swings and then sit down at table view and breakdown whether or not they performed to expectation.

Honma TW-W21 wedges

Before jumping into the video, here is some detailed information the grinds and lofts offered. We cover this in a bit more detail in the video below.

The I-Sole in the 48°, 50°, 52° and 54° lofts feature a slight trailing edge relief across the back of the blade for full sole performance with improved turf interaction at impact.

The C-Sole grind in the 56°, 58° and 60° lofts deliver aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief with a flat bounce surface for shot making versatility. This grind suits those golfers who like to open the club face and use their skill and creativity around the green.

The S-Sole is available in the 58° and 60° higher-lofted wedges and features four-way relief for shot making with added forgiveness. Wider, fuller soles ensure this grind is effective across a variety of turf conditions, particularly from bunkers.

Have you tried Honma products in the past? What were your thoughts? Drop your thoughts below or join us in the THP Forum community and jump into the conversation.

Looking for more information on the company, check out their website here.

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