KENTWOOL Pink Socks For Breast Cancer Awareness

As many might already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Most people associate breast cancer awareness with the color pink which is why KENTWOOL has launched pink versions of their Tour Profile and Women’s Low Profile Skinny styles. If you are unfamiliar with KENTWOOL and their unbelievably amazing golf socks please check out T. Hanks review last month.

From the Company:
The world’s premier textile innovator and maker of premium, performance socks specifically engineered for golfers – will launch pink versions of its Tour Profile and Women’s Low Profile Skinny styles on October 1, and match $1 donations its customers make to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) through the KENTWOOL website during that month.

In October, customers purchasing any men’s or women’s KENTWOOL socks exclusively at will have the option of making a one-click donation to the BCRF, which the company will match.

Beginning November 1, KENTWOOL will match $1 donations made only in conjunction with purchase of pink Tour Profile or Women’s Low Profile Skinny socks at its website.

“We’re really passionate about combating breast cancer, and the BCRF is on the front lines of this fight,” says Mark Kent, President and CEO of KENTWOOL. “With so much attention surrounding Bubba Watson competing in and winning with a pink version of our performance socks, there’s been tremendous demand for the product. In this case, one plus one many times over can add up to a whole lot of money for a very worthy cause.”

THP is a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness and we were thrilled when we heard that KENTWOOL was running this promotion. This is a great way to not only get a phenomenal pair of golf socks that your feet will be thanking you for but it’s also a great way to support a very worthy cause.

The pink color of the socks are actually quite nice and you truly cannot beat the comfort of a KENTWOOL sock. I love the subdued hue of the pink and the accents of gray to keep it from being over the top, in your face, girly. Because of the shade chosen the Tour Profile socks would work great for men who aren’t afraid to wear some pink and support a great cause.

Women's Low Profile Skinny Sock

The ladies Low Profile Skinny sock is perfect to wear with golf shoes. They are close to a “no show” sock but still high enough to not fall down the back of your shoe causing uncomfortable rubbing on your ankle. Even though they are wool they do not make your feet sweat or get over heated. On the contrary they are incredibly comfortable and do not itch or get too warm.

I was one of the biggest skeptics of these socks because I thought a sock is a sock but after trying them out for several rounds of golf I realized that all socks are not created equal. I honestly found that I had far less foot fatigue and I was blister free round after round. I also never had pull at the back of the socks to pull them up because they had fallen into the back of my shoe.

For me, breast cancer hits close to home so I would buy the socks just to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. However, after seeing the pink version and experiencing these socks first hand, to me, this is a true win-win situation. I get an amazing pair of socks that will last me a long time and bring me countless rounds of foot comfort while also donating to a cause that is near and dear to my heart. To learn more about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation you can visit their website here. For more information on KENTWOOL please check out their website here.

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