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Over the years The Hackers Paradise has reviewed many different apparel companies and there are a few we keep bringing back. We try to listen to what our readers want and which brands they favor the most and so as we near the end of Spring Fashion Preview there is one ladies brand we must include, Lija. We first reviewed Lija a few years ago and immediately thought they had a very unique style. We continue to be impressed by their ability to reinvent themselves each and every season providing a collection to satisfy any golfer. For the Spring preview Lija provided a wonderful sampling of their 2010 spring collections showcasing different colors, styles, and patterns.

Outfit #1
This outfit is from the Glorious Gallivant Collection which highlights beautiful shades of blue, pink, and green. For this preview we have a plaid knee short with all the colors of the collection in it and they are paired with a lovely sleeveless pink polo.

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Top – Moda Fille Polo (Blossom):
Pink is a perfect color for spring and the blossom color of this polo reminds me of beautiful blooming flowers. The fabric is incredibly comfortable and has a great combination of cotton, modal and spandex. For those who don’t know modal is extremely soft and many compare it to the feeling of cotton or silk. So as one can imagine it feels great against the body. Because of the spandex this top hugs the body nicely without being too tight. It’s very figure flattering and has a very classy look with the collar and one button placket. I have found Lija tops to run quite true to size and this top comes in XS-XL.

Bottoms – Glad Plaid Knee Short (Sage Glad):
Every color in the Glorious Gallivant collection can be found in this shorts. The colors marry so well together and compliment each other so well. The three button closure is very unique and while it can sometimes be a pain to deal with three buttons it does look nice. There are two pockets in the front and two in the back as well. Just as the name says these shorts fall at the knee and are extremely comfortable. Because of all the colors in the shorts finding a top to match is no problem at all. Lija bottoms are true to size and run from 0-14.

This outfit is from the Lustful Leap Collection and features a unique plaid skort and sleeveless polo. Again Lija has found a way to blend several different colors together to create a beautiful and colorful bottom. With all the color happening in the bottom it makes sense to pair it with a solid colored top.

Top – Moda Zest Polo (Cocoa):
Made of the same material as the first polo it has the same soft feel and figure flattering shape. The long six button placket is different than most polos I have seen and that is one of the many reasons I love Lija. They found a way to take a solid colored sleeveless polo and add a minor detail like the buttons and transform this top into a one of a kind piece. The polo also has a pocket on the left chest which I also really liked. The top is long enough to be tucked in or left untucked. I believe these tops run true to size and are offered in XS-XL.

Bottoms – Cubism Plaid Skort (Creamsicle Cubism):
As soon as I read the color description of Creamsicle I thought of warm weather and dripping popsicle. To me that is spring and so are the colors in this skort. The bottoms do not have belt loops but the thick waste bands makes it perfect for tucking in a top if desired. The skort is worn a little higher on the waist and falls just above the knee. It has two front pockets, one back pocket, and a side zip closure. With all the colors of the Lustful Leap collection any solid top from will match it perfectly. The bottoms run true to size and come in sizes 0-14.

Outfit #3
Also from the Lustful Leap collection the style of this outfit is totally different the above. No plaid this time instead this skort is a solid color with subtle design details. The matching polo has a two tone theme with pocket accents.

Top – Myth Viva Polo (White/Seneca):
Compared to the other two tops this one is much more form fitting and will definitely show off the love lady curves. The top is simple in design but packs a lot of punch with the contrast color collar, placket and sleeves. The two front flap pockets are not something seen on many polos but works very well with this top. The fabric is mostly nylon with a bit of spandex so it is quite comfortable and moves with the body very nicely. Fit is just like the other two tops and is very true to size. Sizes run from XS-XL.

Bottoms – Mira Vivid Skort (Seneca):
My favorite feature of this skort are the wide front pockets. Not only are they practical for holding items but the design and placement ads a bit of flare too. While the solid color might make this skort look a bit simple the stitching detail adds great dimension. Along with the two large front pockets is a back pocket as well and a zip closure. Falling just above the knees this skort has a very sexy but elegant appeal. Mixing and matching is great with these bottoms because the neutral color goes with just about everything. This skort runs true to size and sizes are 0-14.

Outfit #4
Highlighting the Daring Damsel Collection this outfit has a contrasting combination of bright and dark colors. The bottoms are a bit darker with a leafy theme and the top is light and bright. One addition to this ensemble is a jacket which could be used with other collections as well.

Top – Myth Fortune Polo (White/Aurora):
Similar in design to the polo in outfit number three this top is extremely bright and reminds me of sunshine. For the most part this is a white polo except for the great contrast of yellow (aurora) in the collar, placket and front chest pocket. It’s the yellow that really makes the piece pop and truly ties it together with the bottoms below. Made of mostly nylon this top is a bit more form fitting but by no means tight or uncomfortable. On the contrary the fabric is extremely soft and light and feels great on the body. It is long enough to be worn tucked or untucked and matches quite well with just about every bottom in the Daring Damsel collection. This is true to size and runs from XS-XL.

Bottoms – Element Skort (Shale Element):
With a leaf design this may not be for every golfer but I promise these are one of those bottoms that you must see on to really appreciate. Included in the design are all the wonderful colors of the Daring Damsel collection. The addition of all the colors helps to brighten this skort up a bit and give it almost a tropical look. It has two front pockets and one back pocket and falls just above the knees. Just like all the other bottoms these are very comfortable, move well with the body, and run very true to size. Size come in 0-14.

Jacket – Verve Vitality Jacket (White):
I have mentioned before that I am sort of becoming obsessed with golf jackets so I was psyched to see Lija include a jacket with their spring line. The one we got to preview is white but it does come in other colors in other collections which I thought was a great touch. I am not sure if edgy is the right word because overall this is just a really well made, good looking white jacket but at the same time it does push the envelop just a bit. It has two front chest pockets, two waist pockets, a gathered collar with a tab and snap closure and a full zipper closure. My only complaint was that the jacket was a little heavy and felt more like a fall piece than spring but that wouldn’t stop me from having it in my closet. It is over the top comfortable and wears very well on the course. Sizes run XS-XL and it runs true to size.

With the selection that Lija has put out for Spring 2010 I can only imagine what they will have for the future. As I said before they continue to reinvent themselves and I often find myself wondering what they will do next. One of my favorite elements of their clothing is the ability to mix and match just a few pieces to create several different outfits. With top of the line fabrics, beautiful fits, and fun patterns once again Lija has put out a product that is truly spectacular. To see more of the lines mentioned you can visit their website here. Also check out Golf4Her for great deals on Lija gear!

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