Nike DYMO Str8 Fit Driver Review

We look forward to reviewing many clubs here at The Hackers Paradise but not once in this early 2009 season have we eagerly awaited the arrival of a club to review like this one. As many remember, we were not fond of the drivers that Nike put out in 2008 but this year they rebounded quite well so far with the DYMO and DYMO 2 that we were able to review a few months back. Since writing that review we have basically hounded our contacts at Nike trying to get our greedy little hands on the Str8 Fit.

At the PGA Merchandise Show 2009, The Hackers Paradise was fortunate enough to sit in on a private media showing on this driver and it only made us want it more. While there we got to watch and listen to 2008 Masters winner Trevor Immelman and LPGA great Suzanne Pettersen talk about the new technology and of course we filmed it for all of the readers. You can watch and see exactly how the club works and see just how easy it is to alter the club head settings.

Here are the specs that Nike has provided.

STR8-FIT Shaft Adapter and Hosel System – Eight possible head positions resulting in eight different shot shapes – all in a single driver.
Dynamic Moment of Inertia – All SQ DYMO and SQ DYMO² STR8-FIT drivers are engineered from the ground up with the express purpose of optimizing the launch and spin by loft. Distance is maximized in every loft by varying multiple specifications from lie angle, to MOI and CG placement, to overall head size and face depth.
Square or Round Geometry – Square geometry is about straight and long, great sound, optimal launch by loft, and great looks. A new folded round geometry repositions square mass into a round format for workable distance and control. Two designs for the player that wants to “swing away.”
UST Proforce AXIV Core Shafts – Engineered into the interior of the shaft, AXIV Core material increases the shaft’s “hoop” strength, and counter-balance effect. Providing a stable environment at impact and making it easier to swing the club head faster.
New 360° Grip Design – Designed to work and feel the same in any direction, the new SQ 360° design features

After the PGA Merchandise Show, Nike was kind enough to send one of the drivers over to take a look at and put to the test for ourselves. Initial thoughts when opening the box were that it looked similar to the DYMO but for some reason the club head seemed to weigh so much more. Before I even took the headcover off the club, I went searching for that extremely cool wrench that we watched them use in the video. I was starting to panic because it was NOT IN THE BOX and what fun would this club be if we could not move the head around? It was no where to be found. I finally decided to take the headcover off and that is when I realized that Nike is a lot smarter than I am. The headcover has a spot on the back of it that holds the wrench so you never have to worry about what pocket of your bag that it is in. This would explain the extra weight of the club head obviously.

Once we figured out where all the pieces to the puzzle were, we quickly scampered out to the driving range. All I had to do was make a few calls on the way and mutter the words Str8 Fit and we had quite a few people ready to test out the new club. We set up at the range with 6 people and after warming up we each took turns hitting the Nike DYMO Str8 Fit in each of the 8 settings that it offers. Every person was able to find a setting that fit their ball flight and not one of us was unhappy with the results. UST Proforce AXIV Core Stiff Shaft felt as though it was happily married to this club head. But the fun stuff came when we were adjusting the club.

THP has tried out quite a few clubs that have interchangeable shafts, so we were not new to the wrenches that go with it. Most are simple wrenches that slip into the bottom of the club head and undo a small screw and then to tighten, you turn until you hear the loud click. Well, leave it to Nike to change that, and we like the changes. Starting with the fact that like we said before, the wrench stays in the headcover until you are ready to use it. Then, as shown, in the video you tighten the hosel of the club until you hear this audible BEEP. The “beep” becomes quite addictive! When you tighten the club and it beeps, you will find yourself making it beep over and over again for no apparent reason. I swear, its true. Everybody that tried out the wrench did the exact same thing.

This driver came at an interesting time for The Hackers Paradise because we were about to conduct a “Driver Shoot Out” with 13 different drivers from the perspective of all different kinds of golfers. From teaching professionals to high handicappers, we tested a bunch out and let everybody know the results in our forum section of the site. You can read about it in depth at the highlighted link above with the players’ thoughts on each club, but I will tell you that the overall winner was the Nike DYMO Str8 Fit. Not surprising to us, however most of the testers were fairly surprised at how much they really liked this club.

The following week we took it out to the public range to collect even more data from golfers willing to try it out. At THP we try to get as much feedback as possible in each review rather than just tell you our thoughts. We were able to get an additional 19 players to try out the Nike DYMO Str8 Fit Driver and not one player that tried it could not find a setting that worked best for them. We did have 2 golfers of the 19 that did not care for the look of the club head but other than those two every single person that tried it out raved about it.

Overall, we think that the Nike DYMO Str8 Fit is one of the best drivers we have hit in 2009. All of the issues we had with the 2008 version were corrected and they have a dynamic golf club on their hands this time. Great shaft/Head combo, Super Hot Face, and Fully Adjustable Club Head make this driver a truly great golf club. If you are in the market for a new driver this year, definitely put the Nike DYMO Str8 Fit on your short list. Street price on these will be about $399.99 which we feel is right in line with where it should be. You can read all about this THP Winner at Nike Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt

Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • This was fun to read. Never saw that video before and what better way to explain how it works than show it in video by a PGA player. I also really liked your driver shoot out and think that you guys should hold more of those in the future with all kinds of clubs.

  • I have been waiting for this one since you guys did the profile on the Nike Dymo driver. I am trying to resist temptation but after weeks of praise by your site and seeing those results in the shoot out, it is hard not to think that this driver wont help my game. I think I may be playing the str8 for 2009.

  • This will be my new driver very soon. I have been playing with the same driver for 4 years waiting for something to catch my eye. this one has. I have been reading up on it on your forums since the pga show and really think that it is perfect for what I am looking for.

  • Great review JB. Glad you linked up the Immelman movie again: I enjoy watching that everytime I see it. Sounds like you got lots of input on this one, so it is very hard to argue with the results. Good for Nike!

  • very good review. the video was great! this is definitely the site to go to for UNBIASED club reviews. thank you!

  • Josh, thanks for the review. I don’t want to be in the market for a new driver, but reading reviews like this makes it awfully hard not to want to go out and see for myself if this driver can help my game!

    Thanks again, great review!

  • Good review,

    I thought you would include in the Review on how much the adjustability actually changed your ball flight. Did it make a large difference? Or was it barely noticeable?

  • Dent,
    That is a good question. However the reason it was not included is because it is so different for every person. Some people found that being able to change the driver up to 4* difference had a vast improvement. Some saw just a little in ball flight difference. Myself, I noticed a huge difference. In fact close to a 20 yard difference.

  • Thanks!

    This may be hard to answer, but for you personally or maybe out of the group, what adjustability seemed to show the best results? Opening the face and closing, or adjusting the loft of the driver?

  • Dent,
    I think that they all showed similar results. A 4* change is pretty substantial. To simplify things, think of the difference between hitting a 52* wedge and a 56* wedge.

  • I have been torn between this and the R9 up until this review. Thanks.

  • I love the head cover idea too. But the real thing is watching that video and seeing just how nice his swing is.

  • I have a few questions….First, I currently have a Nike Ignite 460 9.5 deg stiff shaft. I like this club but think it’s time for an upgrade. Do you think there will be a big difference between this and the DYMO? Second…I am considering going to an 8.5 deg with x-stiff shaft. I am 5?6? tall but my swing speed is around 110 MPH and I average about 280 with my current driver. Do you think the x-stiff 8.5 deg is a good choice?

  • Josh,
    I answered your questions in the DYMO review. You can check there. And of course you can always join our forum and discuss this anytime.

  • I purchaed this one about two weeks and just love it. I had bought the R9 the day it came and being a high handicapper quickly found out it was just much for me. I just never wa able to get comfortable with it. I took it back to store and tried the Dymo2 Str8t Fit and was amazed at how good it felt and how well I was striking the ball. I played my first tournament with it over the weekend and won first place. Not to say the driver did it all but I noticed I hit more fairways than normal. I actually picked up the square head driver. This is the first driver I can say I expect the hit the into the fairway. If you are looking for a driver you have to try this one. JB is so right about the wrench….you get addicted the beep. One thing I noticed is that with the wrench in the headcover the whole club weighs a ton. A minor detail however.

  • I have to be the voice of skepticism. I’m having a hard time buying in to any mechanical golf club. One, I’m curious as to the life span of a club with working parts and to how much wrenching it will withstand after a year or two. Two, what if the owner can’t hit it straight in the first place? Won’t these adjustments make the ball flight even worse? Then there’s the gimmicky side of these clubs. Who wants to play with someone who constantly busts out a wrench to make club adjustments on every hole? In my opinion, you will NEVER see any professional golfer playing with one of these, (which is always a huge selling point) and in two years these clubs will fade away into the rough. If you want to hit a fade, draw or cut shot, do it the right way, take a lesson.

  • G,
    It is clear that you have never tried these clubs with adjustability. A couple of things to correct with you. Having a screw that gets int place will hold up longer than a bonding agent that holds heads on before that. As for playing with someone that is adjusting the head. That is illegal. You can only adjust clubs before each round. It is a fitting tool that has been used for years for custom club fitters. Your comment to “do it the right way” is absurd. The PGA pros can do it the right way and yet they love this club. TM guys could play the R7 still or the Burner and they are choosing to play the R9. Just like the Nike guys are choosing to play this one over the 5900.

    No professionals playing it? How about the Masters winner last year. Anthony Kim and Steve Stricker. Then the TM R9 which has more in play than any other driver on tour.

  • I second the admin, there is not much mechanically that can go wrong on these things. I have to go hit this thing.

  • Thats my opinion and I’m sticking to it. We’ll have to wait and see if these things are around in two years. Who knows, maybe by then we’ll have adjustable irons. One club, one wrench!!

  • Your opinion is always welcome, however understand that these have been in play on the tour for over a year now and have won majors. Unlike you saying that no PGA player would use these.

  • Great review by the THP. I think this new technology is really going to bring customization to the average Joe that was only once available to tour players. I have to admit I wish Nike had stayed with the dull matte finish on the head that is on the standard Dymo as opposed to the Shiny finish on the STR8-fit. Still probably the Driver of the year IMO though.

  • Just boaught today based off of review. brand new non squareone of ebay for $ 280.00. cant wait to set up and try

  • JB this is one of the best feeling and preforming drivers I have had the pleasure of hitting. Great review on a beautiful driver. Nike has blown my mind this year with some truley great gear across the board!!!

  • Great review. I think my club has a couple of these in the pro shop. I think I;ll go take a look at ’em.

  • Man, I so want one of these. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on which way you look at it) since I already have the DYMO and absolutely love it, I don’t think I will be getting one. Keep the great reviews coming THP and would love to see reviews of some other Nike prouducts such as the Slingshot HL irons.

  • Great review. I have read that the squared version of the DYMO produces a very straight ball flight and I was wondering if the STR8-fit squared version does the same even if you do change the angle of the face?

  • Hi…Any administrator care to address the above question Jimmy asked? I just bought this club, havn’t even hit it yet, and I’m curious about the same thing….Mine is the sq. version also.
    Ps. First time on this site, been looking for a location where I can find other opinions of various clubs.

  • Jimmy and Doc,
    The sq version may produce straighter ball flights, however we did not test that one. We found that with changing the face of the round version just about everybody was able to find a ball flight that suited them. Please check out our driver shoot out for information.

  • Great review love the video w/ Trevor. This driver is definitely on my list of drivers to try and they’re starting to pop up on eBay for a bit cheaper here in Canada. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks for the great review. I have been kicking the idea around in my head for a couple of weeks now. After reading your reviews as well as some others, I just bought one of these tonight on the internet. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail. I’ll be heading to the driving range immediately and then to the course shortly thereafter.

  • Based on the foregoing info, I made the plunge and after trying the Str 8 a couple times, with all the various adjustments, I put it away and went back to my Ft-i. That was 3 4 or 5 weeks back. Yesterday I decided to give it one more try…Glad I did! Couldn’t believe how much I had improved in just 4 or 5 weeks. Hit it great, no idea why I didn’t first go around.

  • I just picked up my Dymo 9.5* Stiff while vacationing in Albuquerque. I was not in the market for a new driver (Currently using the Sumo 5000 9.5) but I found this in a demo bin at a steal of a price (may have been priced incorrectly) so I grabbed it.
    I have yet to use it on the course but I’ve been to the range many times with this club. My first impression is how solid the club feels when I swing it. I’m a big fan of the AXIV shaft since purchasing a DYMO 3 wood a few months back. I played with the adjustments and the results were amazingly as advertized. After a while I settled with Neutral 2* down. The ball flies and I’m enjoying it so far.
    One interesting thing I’d like to point out. I’m not sure how much the adjustment nut at the hosel weighs but it seems that the extra mass might have the center of gravity a little closer to the heel of the club. Most of my ball marks on the face are off center towards the heel…interesting.

  • Great review. I picked up a 10.5 Stiff Avixcore today. I really have to agree with your review. I’ll post a review on the forums after a course test

  • Hi, I have seen on a well known Golf mag site in the USA, one of their articles states that the 10.5’s effective loft, ranges from 9.5 open, to 11.5 closed, would the 9.5 then be 8.5 open and 10.5 closed, I have hit the 10.5 in closed and it flies quite high, I want to bring the flight down to an effective loft of 10.5 but in closed. Hope someone understands this….

  • Enjoying the review of this club and I think I’m defs getting it. On eBay for $300 w/ 3 & 5 wood too. Too good to pass up IMO.

  • I am looking for a method of purchasing the hosel adapter sleeve to enable the use of the same head to players of several different skill levels as a method of giving them the ability to test drivers with this Flight Control Technology prior to purchasing one with maybe the wrong shaft. Any suggestions?

  • google She sells on ebay too for approx $30.00

  • Great Driver. got it from dicks, and as soon as i got, i went to the range with it. i start bombing it from the very first swing with standard settings. i played around with it, tried out different setiings, but again i came back to the standard settings. i have the 3 wood too and it is also a great club to have. Thanks Nike…

  • Well its 2013 now and adjustable clubs have increased, not decreased….

    For “G” in earlier replies

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