Nike Hyperadapt Modular Golf Bag

It’s safe to say that one of the least thought about pieces of golf equipment, technologically speaking, is the golf bag. That said, Nike is looking to really push the envelope on what a golf bag can be with its modular technology in their “Hyperadapt” Golf Bag. The Hyperadapt is intent on being a one stop shop for maximum versatility in both comfort and conditions for the golfer who prefers to carry.

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THP was able to get the new bag in for review and spend some detailed time with it, in all conditions, to see just what it can do.

About the Nike Hyperadapt Golf Bag:


The Nike HyperAdapt Carry Golf Bag is designed to adapt to unpredictable weather with a lightweight, waterproof construction and four removable pockets.

  • Waterproof base bag with sealed seams helps keep equipment dry
  • Four removable pockets provide up to ten storage configurations
  • Nike EquaFlex shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Pocket clips slip into garages for convenient storage
  • External frame serves as the anchor point for attaching pockets
  • Cargo pocket with extension sheath for easy conversion into a range bag
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Imported

Why “Hyperadapt”?

The first question when it comes to the Hyperadapt bag/concept for many will be “why?”, but the better question might be why none of the other major OEM’s have attempted it yet. The bag is based around what is essentially an “exoskeleton” frame that allows for different pockets to be attached or removed. In all there are three main configuration setups for the bag, the standard pockets which offer traditional storage (just over 5lbs), fully waterproof pockets (just over 4lbs), no pockets other than the ones built into the main bag (sub 4lbs), and a Sunday/Range bag which zips out from one of the standard side pockets (0.86 lbs). While this might seem like overkill to non-walkers, particularly with the $350.00 price tag, it really does provide for the ultimate in versatility by allowing the user to dictate what storage they need that day or if the conditions necessitate a more waterproof setup. While it may not make sense for everyone in regards to the price point, the innovation is legitimate.

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The Nike Hyperadapt bag is definitely a different kind of look overall, most of that comes back to the exoskeleton frame since it’s not like anything seen before. However, the general design overall is relatively simple and clean.

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The main bag features a combination of matte and satin black waterproof material accented by the trademark Swoosh on one side. The stitching/bonding of the bag is heavy duty and intent on surviving the rigors of a walker as well as Mother Nature. The accessory pockets are quite diverse with one combination being a textured matte design that is 100% waterproof and the other, more traditional side pockets, featuring a modern black/grey pattern with the same accent blue on the large pocket that we have seen throughout the company’s club lines this year.

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While it would definitely be nice to see more color options for the accent since the blue isn’t going to be for everyone, it’s in an isolated enough location that many will be able to look past it. The material in the bag, as well as the pockets, straps, and clips really cannot be undersold here, it’s the highest quality bag this reviewer has seen from Nike, and with the price tag it definitely should be.

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As a golfer who carries 95% of the time, this reviewer has got a lot of “musts” in a carry bag and the Hyperadapt has met them all. In its stock setup the weight is as low as most other bags out there when fully loaded, but the ability to add/subtract pockets depending on the needs of the day has been the real standout. In fact, it has been very cool to be able to have the waterproof pockets in the trunk and loaded with rain gear should the skies look foreboding upon arrival to the course. On the same line of thought, in the dog days of summer when carrying can become a grind, the ability to remove both accessory pockets and get the weight down to sub 4lbs is massive in making the walk more enjoyable.

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Versatility is the name of the game here, but it needs to be said that it is easy versatility with the clipping mechanism used on the pockets being workable with a single hand, no frustrations or confusion at all. During review the pockets were changed out a lot and the external frame nor the clips showed any wear that would arise any concerns of durability.  Below is a quick video demonstrating just how easy it is to use the clipping mechanism.

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The biggest draw to the bag for most, outside of the modular aspect, will be the waterproofing of the bag since it really adds to the peace of mind for those of us who walk in all conditions or play in areas where rain can arise quickly. The Hyperadapt bag was put into play on the coasts of Florida at a THP event where there were several periods of very heavy rain and held up spectacularly keeping all internal contents, including electronics, safe and dry.

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The root question in any carry bag though is just how comfortable is it to actually carry; the answer here is very. The EquaFlex shoulder strap system was easy to adjust and provided a well-balanced bag when carrying, perhaps even cooler is that the straps can be removed with a single hand thanks to its clipping mechanism, should one want to remove them for cart riding. On that line of thought, the bag actually rides impressively well on a push-cart as well as a standard motorized golf-cart with zero twisting/shifting after being strapped in, something that has always been an irritant for this reviewer in a lot of stand bags. Additionally, the unique style 5-way divider kept the bag readily organized and tangling of the grips in the bag was kept to a minimum.

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Parting Thoughts:

The Nike Hyperadapt is not only one of the most unique concepts we have seen when it comes to golf bags, but it’s also one of the more impressive on course performers. However, the price point is undeniably daunting for many, $350.00 on a stand/carry bag is a tough pill for anyone to swallow even if you are paying a premium for high quality waterproofing and the modular aspect. On that line of thought though, it should be re-emphasized that this is intended to be a carry bag, and while those who are riders will balk at the price, it is much more understandable if someone carries all-the-time, regardless of the conditions. The shame is that Nike has not done an adequate job of showcasing what they have done here to the realm of golfers that its versatility and performance most certainly would appeal to, and because of that most will only look at the price tag and immediately opt for another option. With that said, this is one that serious walkers will want to take a closer look at, it really is a performer.

The Nike Hyperadapt golf bag is priced at $350.00 and more information on it and all of the company’s other offerings can be found at

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