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The world of golf equipment nothing is ever perfect. We all know that when we hit a bad shot that it was and always will be the equipment’s fault. But when choosing an iron set, it seems that we have to make that first decision and it is a hard one. Do we want game improvement irons or do we want players’ irons. That for me has always been the hardest decision when I am ready for new sticks.

There are so many choices in the equipment game nowadays that you can spend months analyzing what set you will bring home to call your own. By the time you make that decision you have to contend with the fact that new stuff is coming out at the same time. It is an endless cycle that we all have had to deal with each and every time we are in the market for new clubs.

As we learn this craft of golf we value that as you get better, you want clubs that will let you do different things with the ball flight to help your game. Game Improvement (GI) irons make it a little hard to do those things, but they are so much better at “forgiveness”. So the decision has to be made on what we want to sacrifice. Until Now!

Nike Golf has led the tour in victories for a number of years now, but as THP readers know, I have never been much of a fan of their irons. In fact I have tried to like them each of the last 3 years and each time I have gone with something different. Just two weeks ago Nike released three models that had me salivating to try them.

1. Nike Victory Red Forged TW Blades

2. Nike Victory Red Full Cavity Irons

3. Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity Irons

Nike’s Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons have a moderately wider sole and slightly thicker topline than the Victory Red TW Blades. Still maintaining a traditional look with a high degree of workability, the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity includes a split back design that positions the center of gravity behind the sweet spot for ball control while providing forgiveness.

The Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons are made of 1025 Forged Carbon Steel and are machined to precise tolerances to optimize feel and accuracy. The CNC Milled Face ensures uniform ball compression for consistent ball flight and distance control. Differentiating slightly from the Victory Red TW Blades, the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity provides a higher trajectory and is more forgiving.
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The loft and lie of the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons are the same as the Victory Red TW Blades; the Victory Red Forged Split Cavity irons do have more offset than the blades. But they still seem less offset than most of the cavity backs out there.

They went on sale November 1, 2008

Men’s: #3-PW Steel X,S,R; RH/LH
MSRP: US$999.99

Individual: #2 Steel X,S,R; RH/LH
MSRP: US$124.99

THP was sent this set about 2 weeks ago and we were able to put it out in play both on the range and on the course. The first thing I found out when I took it to the range is that these clubs are really nice looking. Both in the bag and while addressing the ball. At setup, I noticed a slightly thicker topline than a blade but I must say, it wasn’t much. They are significantly smaller than my Adams I am used to playing. So right away I have the confidence to make the shots because the clubs look and feel so good in my hands. I am going to break this review down in three pieces.

Look: As mentioned previously, I love the look of these clubs. The look of these irons just screams “well made”. The sleek slim lines and perfect ground heel coincide with the perfect sized head. Then they finished it off with a chrome finish to give you the confidence to know they will work.

Feel: Have you ever hit a shot and had a memory of that first great shot you hit? The first shot I hit with these irons reminded me of my very first set of clubs. I was given a set of Hogan Apex irons (back when they were good clubs) and when you struck those well, it was like nothing I had ever felt. Until now. These clubs have the absolute feel of blades. Weighting is similar and the struck balls feel the same. But the kicker is that when I misshit the ball, it felt like I had a GI iron in my hand. I hit three or four off the heel and they went as if I hit them on the sweetspot. And when you hit them on the “screws”, it is like you never even hit a ball. I realized after a large bucket of balls with these that I have been depriving myself for some time now.

Playability: Go ahead and put them in the book for being the most workable and forgiving iron all in one to ever be forged from a piece of steel. Yes I actually said that. If you want straight, then these are for you. But the best part is, if you want a club you can grown into and learn to work the ball? Then I still recommend the same irons. They are that good.

I want to touch on one more thing. I have read a few reviews on these from people that are complaining about the stock grips on them. All stock grips stink for the most part, but these are some of the nicer ones I have had. I don’t know where the complaints are, but I will not even change these out I don’t think.

I get emails each and every week with the question that sounds like this…
“I want to get a new set of irons, but I want something that will last a few years and that I can grow into…”
Up until now I have never really had an answer for them. It was always “get fitted” and “try everything out”. I still think those are great answers, but this set features the things that fit almost every golfer out there. I strongly urge every reader that is thinking about a new set of clubs, to give these a try. You can read tons more about them at Nike Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. Mike Jecnkins says:

    I really think these could be the ones I have been looking for. I am not sure until I hit them obviously. But they seem to be exactly what I have been after for a while.

  2. Mike Bizzle says:

    I want these really bad.

  3. Rich Owens says:

    I need a regular cavity…Will you guys be reviewing those as well?

  4. Steve Fox says:

    When are you going to do a giveaway on these? Just kidding, but they sound nice.

  5. the_family_guy says:

    Are the VR Blades going to be reviewed? I am torn between these and the Nickent arc blades for my next purchase.

  6. Courage 29 says:

    I cannot wait to try these out this weekend. I have been looking at them for weeks online.

  7. George Lafite says:

    The best review I have read on this site. I cannot wait to try these. I have been in the market for new clubs for 3 months now and these just might be it.

  8. Mary L. says:

    I just bought these for my son after he read the review. he absolutely loves them.

  9. Drew Mollerud says:

    I think that these are some of the best that Nike has put out. They are very playable heads. I really thought that the review was well done. Keep up the good work!

  10. Zach B. says:

    These Nike Split Cavity Irons are the best clubs I’ve ever owned. If you decide to make the investment then get them fit for you! You have the forgivenes of a cavity back and the ability to shape shots like a blade. The grips feel great. You can play multiple rounds w/o hand fatigue. Switched from Callaway X Forged to these and have absolutely NO regrets! Remember, it is an absolute must to get these clubs fit to you. Why buy shoes that are too big and complain when they make you walk funny!?

  11. I bought the split backs about a month ago. I am going to trade them in. They are lying about the club being forgiving. You might as well be play a blade. If you miss it just a little, the ball goes no where. My old Cleveland TA5’s (gun metal) were so much better at letting me get away with missing it. My swing is set up to hit the ball towards the toe of the club. If you hit the Nike on the toe, it actually hurts your hands and the ball goes no where…bad for your confidence…too much feeback from the club in my opinion

  12. Administrator says:

    I disagree with your comments completely robo. They are extremely forgiving for a “Players Iron”. I think you might be more used to a GI that will even give more forgiveness. Maybe something with a wider sole and thicker topline might help you more.

  13. Wayne W. says:

    If you hit the ball off the toe naturally, then you are hitting the ball wrong

  14. darren says:

    how do these splits compare withthe older nike cci forged

  15. matt mesenchuk says:

    I am lh and i what to now they there is no forged tw blades in lh why……… thanks

  16. Luke Stabile says:

    I am a 11 handicap and am using clubs that a 23 handicaper uses i think i am ready for more of a players club but i dont think i am ready for a blade. Are the Split cavitys the right club for me?

  17. jocko says:

    Yes, get them soon and lets us know how you like them asap.

  18. golfbirdie says:

    I currently play the Mizuno MP 32 irons (blades) and feel I need something more forgiving. I am a 7 handicap and have hit the Nike Split Cavity irons multiple times while deciding on them. They feel just as good as my blades when hit well. The amazing thing is that I have rarely hit a bad shot with these in all the times I’ve hit these in the store. I ordered them and they are fitted to me (highly recommend it). I’m sure I will miss plenty of shots while playing but because these are so forgiving I won’t notice half of them. I noticed all of them with my Mizunos. I’m very picky when it comes to my equipment and feel these are a great irons for the mid to low handicap player.

  19. Todd says:

    First off,excellent review,well written.Purchased the 4 thru pw,DGs-300,nothing but great things to say about these irons,very forgiving on mishits with very little distance loss,straight high and boring ball flight,stock grips are fantastic.extremely playable from just about every lie including hard pan.I have been playing these for a while now and continue to like them more each time i go out to play.Great looking head with an even better sole grind,,sole grind to me is very important because you do not want the head to be to aggressive and not aggressive enough,,this grind seems to be near perfect whether you are playing in soft conditions or dry hard conditions.Some of the best irons i have played with yet,,very very pleased all around with there performance.

  20. mervyn says:

    I have a 28 handicap so I’m not that good ,boy I would like to improve my game will these irons be ok for me !!

  21. Administrator says:

    These irons are geared towards a variety of players mervyn. Best bet is to try them out and get them fit for your swing if they work for you.

  22. Stuart says:

    Hi and HELLLLP! I tried these yesterday and the majority of my shots were good. The pro said he would throw in a free lesson if I purchased and could put me right. While these will definately improve my game I am wondering am I buying a club that I am not good enough for. I hit low to mid eighties on a good day and high 80’s on a bad. Would you recommend these, the pro was completely honest and said in time u will love them but may have to be patient. I tried to get a set of the full cavity but cannot find a set in stock here in the UK. I’ve more or less decided on taking a gamble and buying as they are on special offer and even tho the pro makes better profit on Adams and John letters he said for the price they are its worth it. Your advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks

  23. Stuart says:

    Furthermore the pro has also said that they will custom fit the clubs for me too, will that make a big difference? Thanks

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