Product Spotlight – adidas Ultra-Light ClimaCool Ballerina Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have evolved over time, and consumers appear to have shifted their attention from a classic saddle shoe to a more casual ‘street’ design.  adidas Golf just introduced a brand new, revolutionary style for ladies that makes the casual shoe look old-school.  The adidas Ultra-Light ClimaCool ballerina shoe is changing the way we look at golf footwear yet again. 

From the company:

  • ultra-light shoe designed for on-the-go golfers who seek playing performance with wear-anywhere styling and versatility. 
  • Stylish ballerina-inspired ClimaCool mesh upper construction with reinforcement zones for lightweight stability through the swing.
  • On/Off course fashion appeal.
  • Puremotion outsole features deeper and wider grooves for enhanced flexibility and comfort.
  • FitFoam SlowRecovery PU sockliner is engineered to conform to the exact contours of the foot for a customized fit and feel.


The adidas Ultra-Light ClimaCool Ballerina shoes are everything the company claims.  They are extremely lightweight and comfortable.  They offer the feel of a slipper in the form of a golf shoe.  Don’t expect a ton of support in a shoe of this style, but do expect to have little-to-no foot fatigue.  The spikeless bottom offers great traction, with little to no fear of slipping or shifting during a swing.

Their mesh design offers a cooling element that allows a breeze to pass through the shoe for a nice cooldown on a warm day.  Do not, however, expect to stay dry in the rain.  Light dew on the grass won’t cause any moisture to get inside the shoe, but a steady rain will definitely bring about a soggy sock.

The pliability and flexibility of these shoes are what truly make them unique.  They are the quintessential travel footwear.  They fold up to nothing and will easily fit in any bag.  Twisting, turning, bending and rolling will not alter their shape.  They will instantly pop back into form and onto your foot.

The adidas Ultra-Light ClimaCool Ballerina shoes will not be for everyone, especially those who prefer a classic style.  However, for the on-the-go traveler, recreational golfer, or someone who likes a more laid back style, these might be the perfect fit.  These shoes can be found in stores and online now.  They are available in three colorways: clear grey / white / bahia mint, mid grey / running white / tribe purple and solar blue / running white / metallic silver. Retail price is $100 USD.   For more information please visit the adidas Golf website here.

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  • Lots of good info here Morgan. Seems like a nice shoe for good weather.

  • I think they are awesome. Perfect for some FL golf.

  • If you’re golfing, unless you just want 3 stripes on your shoe, the True Linkswear Sensei seems the golfer’s choice in this category.

  • Froneputt –

    That’s a bit of a generalization don’t you think? For one you are talking about men’s footwear and this article is about women’s footwear. Secondly, you are speaking for all golfers which is a bold, inaccurate statement.

    I am glad you found a shoe that works for you, but to disregard another shoe without ever trying it, and without comparing apples to apples doesn’t really make sense.

  • I enjoy it when Morgan writes. Good stuff Morgan, the Doc is eyeing these in a BIG way ever since you posted the preview. Seems like it would be a GREAT summer shoe around here.

  • It’s an option for women that looks attractive if they golf and apre’s-golf. My point above, is there anything other than the sole that lends it to golf, which is why I mentioned truelinkswear – and true for women – another option, although the Adidas is simple and attractive. I don’t see anything in the review that makes this shoe technically functional for golf other than the sole.

  • froneputt –

    I think you are missing my point. All I was saying to you was that I don’t think it’s appropriate to generalize that all golfers prefer a certain brand, or a certain shoe, you can’t speak for all golfers. Plus, you were generalizing about a shoe that is for men when this article is highlighting a ladies shoe.

    I think it’s great you found something that works for you, and I am sure many people love it. This product spotlight is exactly as it sounds, a way to spotlight a new product from adidas Golf. I am not trying to debate who makes the best golf shoe, this is nothing more than a way to introduce a new product to consumers, specifically the female golfer.

  • Nice write up Morgan, they do look like a traveling golfer’s dream.

  • Nice review Morgan, I think these shoes look very cool. I imagine they will be a favorite of many ladies.

  • I love those golf shoes, their style and flexibility, especially those mid grey/running white/tribe purple.

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