Ryder Cup Rain Jacket & Bag Troubles = Watergate?

The Ryder Cup is officially under way in 2010 in Wales and as expected the down pour has begun. What that means is that both the US team and the Euro team have brought out the umbrellas and put on the specially designed rain gear for this event. Then about 2 hours into play, word started to get out that the US team’s rain jackets were doing exactly what they did not want them to do….Retain water. It has made it to the point that the PGA was seen at the Ryder Cup merchandise tent purchasing new outerwear for the US Team.

How could this happen? Corey Pavin (and wife) made the selections of apparel for the US Team and the brands that get to showcase their style and technology are elated. One thing could NOT have been more important as they made their journey to Wales. Rain Gear! The maker of the US Team’s rain gear has yet to make an official comment, but Sun Mountain Golf is being heavily scrutinized for this and it will be an interesting side story to follow during the rain delays.

The company that recently “tweeted” “May the best rain gear win”, may be eating those words shortly. Stay tuned for more updates in the Forum in the THP Official Ryder Cup Thread here.

EDIT: Now word has it that the US Team staff bags are not water proof either. The bags are holding water and it is getting into pockets. This is more bad news for the US Team. At the same time, should anybody be playing in weather like this?

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