Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putter Preview

Everyone knows Scotty Cameron, and everyone knows just how successful the brand of putters has been on the worldwide stage for decades. While Scotty Cameron and company continue to evolve the brand by releasing both refined as well as new designs, one thing they have always been exceptional at is seizing the moment to re-imagine a successful design and bring it into the present. 

That is much of the case with the new Scotty Cameron Champions Choice release which is dropping on August 6, 2021. Well, with the exception that this time they are taking arguably their most iconic, and to this day sought after, designs ever and giving it a makeover.

What is Champions Choice you are likely asking? In simplest terms, it is the return of the legendary Button Back. 

Scotty Cameron Champions Choice putters

Champions Choice

The Button Back has won a plethora of tournaments since its release and it has been back in the public’s eye since winning back-to-back U.S. Open Championships. With that spark, alongside the never-ending quest to improve designs which Scotty Cameron does perhaps better than anyone else, it makes sense that the man himself saw and seized the opportunity to re-imagine and re-introduce a classic. As it pertains the inspiration and direction for this release, Scotty had this to say:

“We’ve had a very good run over the past 25 years with Tour victories, and major championships in particular. After the incredible response we received from the Teryllium T22 Limited Release and with back-to-back U.S. Open wins (2017 and 2018) with a Button Back, I had the idea for Champions Choice as a way to bring back the Button Back, but in a new, modern way. As we were designing and manufacturing the Special Select line, upgrading and refining our blade and mid-mallet shapes, the Champions Choice project endured. Now I’m finally ready to showcase it and offer three very special new designs based on everything we’ve done to refine the Special Select line, but with the Teryllium inlay and the Button Back look. I love this design, as Champions Choice celebrates the Tour victories players have racked up over the years using our putters, while also offering dedicated golfers the same level of playable performance.”

Getting more into the designs, the Champions Choice release will consist of three different putter shapes, the Newport Button Back, Newport 2 Button Back, and Flowback 5.5 Button Back designs. As mentioned in the quote above, each model is based around the refinements which the company did with its most recent Special Select release. 

Scotty Cameron Champions Choice head shapes

All three putters have 303 Stainless Steel bodies (the 5.5 does use an aluminum sole plate) which are finished in their patented silver mist look and will all feature flange site lines. The showstopper of the design is of course the Teryllium copper insert which is well renowned for its softer overall feel compared to fully milled models. Though the insert is set in the body using the same classic elastomer surrounding it and button head screws in the cavity, Scotty did seize the opportunity to also place what they are calling a “high tech” modern dampening material between the insert and putter head to try and improve the feedback. 

As should be expected, each model also has uniquely created graphics and engraving alongside a specially designed headcover just for the Champions Choice motif. The putters are finished in a red, white, and blue color scheme and will come standard with a grey Scotty Cameron Pistolini grip. 

The Scotty Cameron Champions Choice putters will be available through select Titleist authorized golf shops on August 6, 2021. Additionally, each model will come with a $600.00 price tag. Be sure to keep an eye on THP and jump into the conversation, as we hope to have much more on the Champions Choice release soon. 

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