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THP has had the pleasure of reviewing most of the SeeMore Putters equipment line over the last few years, and during our recent coverage of the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando, we got the opportunity to see what the folks at SeeMore were up to and what was coming out next. One putter stuck in my head as something that I just could not wait to get my hands on as soon as possible and that was the new m7. A couple of months later, while at the WGC Championship in Doral, THP got some more pictures of this beauty and could not wait to get our hands on one to try out.

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Tech Specs
The m7 is a beautiful, classic blade, a tour inspired design based on the best features of SeeMore’s popular m1 and m2 blades but with a back heel cut-away for great balance and sleek optics. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Full toe hand straight down for m7, slightly less on the m7w. 100% milled stainless steel, with milled aluminum back cavity insert behind the face for enhanced feel and enlarged sweet spot. The m7 is the first mSeries putters to also come standard with a softer milled aluminum face insert. Platinum finish.

At first glance, the SeeMore m7 looks very similar to that of the m1 or m2, but upon closer inspection you will see a different putter. The two main differences are the cut-away on the heel, which is something I absolutely love and of course the face insert. Outside of those two major differences, the looks are pretty similar. The m7 still features the wonderful RST and the sleek design and shaft that has made them famous among our readers. You can spot a SeeMore user on tour quite easily by identifying the black shaft near the bottom. The face is what really makes the m7 stand out and it is because of the aluminum insert that has been milled to add a softer touch. The face alone, with the way it shines in the light, gets you excited to quickly get this one out on the course and give it a try.

m7 on the left & m1 on the right

Range Testing
THP gathered some golfers at a local putting green and put them to the test of trying out the m7 and comparing it to their current putter. For our range testing THP hands out scorecards that each tester fills out that feature areas to leave “scores” on Looks, Feel, Performance, and Overall and here are those reports.

Looks – 8.5 out of 10 – The golfers raved about the actual looks of the club head, but a couple did not care for the look of the grip that dropped the score to an 8.5.

Feel – 9.5 out of 10 – Not a single golfer that tried out the m7 did not prefer the feel to their current putter. There was quite a mixture of putters on the range that they were comparing them to from high end milled putters to softer insert putters. Each golfer preferred the feel of the m7 to their own.

Performance – 9 out of 10 – Again not a single golfer had better performance with their current putter than that of the SeeMore m7. Something we rarely see, but it is a great sight when it happens.

Overall – Out of the 14 golfers that tried the m7, all but 3 wanted to make the switch. The only reasons given were price. The MSRP of the m7 is $325. Outside of price, each tester found that they preferred this new putter to their current equipment.

Course Testing
As mentioned above, since we saw this one back in January, it has been on the top of our list for putters that we have wanted to try. I was able to put this putter in play during normal rounds for 8 rounds of golf and countless putting green sessions. What I found were some exciting changes that have been made to make the m7 stand on its own as one of my favorite SeeMore putters that they have come out with. The cut-away on the heel is more visually appealing to me and while this is a personal preference, I found myself brimming with confidence as I stood over each putt. A more significant change is that of the face, and the aluminum insert that is something special for people looking for soft feel.

Feel is often hard to describe, but the easiest way to do just that for the sake of this review is that it gives off a mellow, nice tone at impact that is incredibly soft feeling. However the soft feel does not feel muted or “insertish”. The single white alignment line has the same look as that of the lines around the RST which for some reason really added comfort to the look and confidence with each strike. Back to the feel, the insert works as described in every way imaginable. It has a great look (one of the best we have seen), amazing feel, and good sound.

Customer Service
A new section to our reviews on equipment, apparel, and accessories is that of customer service. In today’s modern shopping experience, it is easy to press “buy” and have something arrive a week later. But what happens if you have issues with your purchase? What happens if you need help? For that, we have added this section to our reviews and what better place to kick it off, than with the company that I believe has the best customer service of any on the planet. Need help choosing a putter? Call them or email them. Need help after your purchase with the club or even putting? Get in touch and they will take all the time you need and answer any questions that you may have. In a way, purchasing a SeeMore putter is like entering into that strange family where everybody gets along. Not like my family mind you, but a bizarro family world, where the streets are lined with putters for trees. I have yet to come across any company that takes care of their existing users quite like SeeMore. Do a search in our forum for hundreds of unbiased testimonials from people that feel the exact same way. In an age where customer service can mean “get away from me” it is refreshing to find a company that truly goes out of their way to help.

The proof is in the pudding for this reviewer. We try out hundreds of putters per year and many are quite good, but this one is firmly planted in my personal bag and is not leaving anytime soon. Does that mean it is right for you? Of course not, but what I can tell you is that when you combine a great look, feel, and performance into a putter, you have something special and SeeMore has done just that in the new m7. Few putters will help someone make more putts, and despite claims, you still need a good putting stroke. Yet the SeeMore brand can actually promote a better putting stroke, and few, if any, other pieces of equipment can do just that. For more information on the new m7 or any other model that SeeMore has out, check out their website at and make sure that you follow their blog for tons of great news and information at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. John Davidson says:

    There are a lot of other places to read reviews, but this one is the most thorough and complete that I have seen. Love the style and the flow. I had not heard of Seemore equipment until finding them here and since that time purchased a m1 and could not be happier.

  2. flatstick collector says:

    This is my favorite looking Seemore putter to date. The face is great looking and as I know from my mfgp, the feel will be outstanding.

  3. royalwulff says:

    Great review and awesome looking putter

  4. Ryan says:

    This putter has the most striking insert I’ve ever seen.

  5. TheDue says:

    Great review, awsome putter once again. SeeMore just get’s it done. The customer service section is a nice addition to the review. One question, how could you equate soft to slow? Speed or the amount of force applied to make the same put, can it be defined?

    Thanks for the review.

  6. Dave S says:

    Great looking putter. I love the new section on customer service and my interaction with this company has been nothing short of perfection.

  7. Administrator says:

    Im not sure I understand the question properly? Do you mean how do we define how a putter feels soft? I believe that is more a direct connection to the sound and feedback given at impact with the golf ball.

  8. Smallville says:

    Once again, another great looking product by SeeMore. The cost is going to be prohibitive to many of us but will still be very tempting.

  9. bonknhead says:

    Such a gorgeous putter! Although I’m not a fan of inserts, this one sounds very intriguing. Thanks for a great and thorough review JB.

  10. Tim says:

    Great review. How about a photo of the grip? Please and thanks.

  11. Administrator says:

    Here is a link to the grip used in this review.

  12. Bryan says:

    the mention of Seemore’s customer service is interesting to me as when I tried contacting them about my questions for my purchase I never got a reply even though I sent 3 emails within 2 weeks. I wonder if there was a glitch in the system and they never got my emails or if they treat THP better because of their reviews. I think next time for customer service it may pay to have others from the forum contact a company and then provide feedback so we know how they do truly treat the average consumer as THP I am sure helps with their sales. I know I bought one because of this site…I love it…just wish I would have heard back from them before my purchase

  13. Administrator says:

    Please do read our forum because there are hundreds of people that have had the exact same service that we got. The only thing I can say is that perhaps your email went to a junk mail folder. Every time anybody has called their 800 number, they get amazing service. There was just a thread started not 2 weeks ago about someone that had never purchased from them before and his story in dealing with them is remarkable.

  14. THP – great review and great pictures – if cost is a factor please take a look at the si2 – cost of $165. Bryan – we are sorry for not getting back with you please call the 800 number and someone will help you with your needs. Again sorry.

  15. Jack says:

    Both Bryan and Administrator are correct. After writing SeeMore twice without receiving a response, I called the 800 # and received the best possible customer service imaginable! I guess my point is, if you need to contact the good people at SeeMore, you’re best bet is to call them directly. You’ll be glad you did.

  16. Alloco says:

    Great review JB! At first glance, the top line seems very thick, something which I’m not used too. However, I suppose that the thicker top line makes for a longer sight line which would help in my aiming. Any thoughts? Irregardless, this putter oozes exemplary craftsmanship. That insert is sick!

  17. Keith says:

    Excellent review and right on point with their unbeleivable customer service. I have all of my SeeMore putters are extremely well crafted. The Rifle Scote Technology is one of the best training aids you could ever have ….and you always have it on the putter.

  18. SethO says:

    Great review! I really want to roll one of these now.

  19. John Quinn says:

    Regarding Bryan on Customer Service–I beg to differ—Good people , always available and ready to help when needed.

  20. Ryan says:

    Excellent review. And let me tell you I am so glad I bought this putter. It really gives me confidence over the ball. and the feel and feedback is superb.

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