Slicers Anonymous – Your New Support Group

Do you or someone you love suffer from a slice? Do you aim at the trees to hit the fairway?  Do you complain when you hit one straight and long because it is in the penalty area or OB? Has a flare-up of a flared shot cost you match?  Well, remission is possible with some support from Callaway’s newest support group: Slicers Anonymous.  

Callaway enlisted Kevin Nealon to deliver covert messages and invitations and to ultimately lead the Slicers Anonymous group into better golf.  Kevin has been tasked with delivering his comedic, yet positive assistance to a handful of diverse golfers that share a common enemy: a wicked slice.  Check out the latest Callaway Original and truly listen to Kevin when he tells you that your slice is not your swing.

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Gary C.
Gary, an upstate New York native currently residing in Virginia, is a low-teen handicap with aspirations of single digits someday. Although he picked up golf later in life, Gary enjoys learning everything possible about golf equipment and skills to make up for lost time. As a result, Gary loves to tinker with his clubs and swaps things in-and-out of play with regularity. In addition to being a veteran of several events, Gary is happy to discuss equipment, technology, and accessories with anyone that is willing to engage.
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