Srixon Releases New Golf Balls For 2011

While at the PGA Show, THP had a chance to sit down with Srixon Golf and discuss the latest golf ball technologies coming out in 2011.  The company is extremely excited about the two new versions of the very popular Z-Star line and here is a video shot by THP talking about this very thing.

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  • hmm, patented urethane cover. I use to play the zstar for a while and may have to try them again. Cool video, and no doubt that they have a winner on their hands. I know that G-Mac raves about the new ball, and look what he’s doing lately.

  • ZStar XV huh? Sounds like they are trying to get away from looking like they are trying to copy the Pro V1X. Good for them, they make a better ball in my opinion anyway!

  • Awesome…I actually managed to pick up the 2010 version of the Z-STAR @ a local target for $10!! No joke!

  • I put this ball in Play at Metro West Yesterday. Great off the putter and spins well off he wedges. But I was a half club shorter with the irons and 20-30yds with the driver against the ProV1x and MG (MG Golf). Good Ball but not on par with the Big boys.


    if u are noticing a 20-30 yd difference on your driver something is wrong with the player not the ball………you idiot

  • chris,
    Is that really necessary?

    Your input and wisdom is remarkable, thanks for that wonderful contribution.

  • Love their balls and really look forward to trying this out.

  • hahaha nice one administrator, but chris is right! Their should never be a 20-30yd difference between any two tour level balls (maybe between any two balls period) unless something is going on with the swing or effort put into it! Maybe someone is just in love too much with the Titleist mystique.

  • I was at the NJ Golf Show today and one of the vendors was selling the Z-Star XV, they only had a few sleeves (both white & Tour Yellow), I asked how they got them already and he just said they had “connections”. I’m going to buy some but I’ll wait until I can get ’em legitimately.

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