Srixon Z-Star Driver & Fitting Application

While at the PGA Show in Orlando, THP sat down with Srixon Golf to discuss the new Z-Star driver that we previewed a few months back. While there, we also got a preview of a really cool application for fitting and weather conditions that goes hand in hand with this awesome new technology. Here is a video explaining both.

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  • Awesome!! I want that app!! That is really cool stuff! Good on Srixon!

  • Quite possibly the best video yet. I am not sure who that was presenting but he did a fantastic job and that app is phenomenal. Srixon has me won over with this driver!

  • Amazing app! Well sold by the presenter too. Looking forward to swinging this club.

  • A new driver and an app to play with? Yes, please. 🙂

  • This is a great approach to adjustable drivers. It is always a good thing to make the consumer more informed about the technology in their clubs.

  • This is amazing!

  • I was sitting at the table while this was being demoed and I wanted to buy the Z Star driver right then and there! Super cool app that could take adjustable driver technology to a whole other level

  • That is really great to bad they don’t get the press they deserve.

  • That is ridiculous. In a good way.

  • That’s just freaking cool. Can’t wait to play around with this stick at the Outing.

  • Very neat! I hope to be able to check this out tomorrow when our Cleveland rep visits.

  • Definitly going to try this driver for sure. Love the app. Seems you can’t go wrong with the combination of both driver and app.

  • That guy is John Rae, a true hero of mine. Did you ever see his JRae blog on Cleveland Srixon’s websites. What an intellectual Hercules.

  • I want to demo one of these beauties asap! Very cool looking driver with great high tech built in.

  • The app is out and on the iTunes App Store… available for both iPhone and iPad! Pretty cool app, Srixon did a good job with it…

  • Just stumbled across this in my driver search. Really like the ease of adjusting the driver and downloading the app now. Thanks for the video from the show…maybe another contender in my driver search!!

  • i’ve been pretty keen on this driver for a while now, but seeing this video and the app thats available which actually tells me what the settings are doing – just makes freakin sense, i’m sold. purchase initiated

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