Stitch SL Sunday Golf Bag

Let me preface this by saying I am not a Sunday Bag user. They flop around like a windsock during a light breeze. Stitch is hoping to change my perception, or better yet, forget about me, they are changing the way Sunday Bags function with the new Stitch SL Sunday Golf Bag.

Stitch SL Sunday Golf Bag

SL Sunday Golf Bag

“The perfect bag for walking 9, playing your favorite short course, or heading to the range to get in a practice session. Our Sunday bag was designed for you to carry only the essentials of the game. This bag’s signature removable spine sets this Sunday Bag apart from others, and creates the right amount of structure while also maintaining the relaxed design of a Sunday Bag. . This minimalist design makes this the perfect bag to store in your car at all times. 

A walker’s favorite throw-and-go bag”

The Stitch SL Sunday Golf Bag features a removable spine

Stitch SL Sunday Golf Bag Features
Lightweight Weighing Just 28 oz.
Magnetic Ball Pocket
Comfort Strap
A Single Divider
Fits 7 Clubs
Water Repellent Nylon Fabric
STITCH’s Signature Ingot For Personalization

The SL Sunday Bag should be hitting the website today and comes with a price of $248. For more information on any of the STITCH Golf products, and/or pick up their brand new bag, check out their website at

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