TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

Some of the most under the radar wedges the past couple of release cycles have come from TaylorMade and their Milled Grind series. With what started as an innovative take on ensuring precision and repeatability in the sole grinds, this became a major part of their wedges, making them historically good performers. 

This year the Milled Grind 3 is coming to market and TaylorMade looks to have focused on a tangible evolution to improve the overall look, feel, and spin while still featuring milled grind options which should offer something for everyone. 

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

From the MG1 to the MG2, the company took a hardline focus to try and improve the sound/feel via a Thick-Thin design while also finding ways to increase friction and performance through their raw faced premise. This year, they are doubling down on such goals, while also quietly blending the weighting and balancing techniques in the most sleek and clean wedges we have seen from them in some time. 

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

It has been interesting to follow the evolution of the Milled Grind wedges as well as the feedback that has come with them, particularly from some on the more traditionalist side of the spectrum. From the bore-thru hosel of the MG1 to the TPU insert of the MG2, there has seemingly always been something that just didn’t mesh with everyone. That is why it is a breath of fresh air to see these initial images of the Milled Grind 3 wedges which are, well, very clean and exist without the industrial and hard-edged feeling of its predecessors. 

The look at the face of the new wedges

The Thick-Thin flange design is present and has again been altered to help improve the sound/feel of the 8620 Carbon Steel wedges, but this time it has also been softened and managed to allow that slick milled sole to pop along with a balanced and more traditional shape that some realize TaylorMade has in fact been producing. Minimal engraving is also being utilized and they no longer look like something out of NASCAR, these are a very modern yet sleek looking wedge. 

The milled sole of the MG3

The Raw Face design is also back on both the Satin Chrome and Satin Black and more attention has been paid to the toe section of the clubs with a more satin/scratched finish in order to protect against glare. The story of the raw face is still one on precision and how it allows the company to ensure the grooves are as sharp as possible, but those ZTP Raw Grooves are overall sharper, narrower, and deeper with focus on engineering them to the limits of the USGA rules. With the addition of “Raised Micro-Ribs” between the grooves texture is also increased to help on those shots closer to the green with increased friction and spin.  

Loft options available

Three grind options will be available at retail, those being LB (Low Bounce) which now has increased camber and trailing edge relief, SB (Standard Bounce) offering a wider sole than on the MG2 for playability, and HB (High Bounce) with a wider sole as well as added trail relief for the steeper swinger who plays in softer conditions. Also, before you ask, yes, the TW grinds will be available via special order in the 56° and 60° lofts. 

TaylorMade’s new Milled Grind 3 wedges will hit retail on 9/3/21 with a price of $180. They will come standard with True Temper DG Tour Issue S200 wedge shafts and Lamkin Crossline 360 grips. 

What do you think about the new Milled Grind 3 wedges? Is it a revolution or an evolution from TaylorMade, is it something you plan to give a go? Jump into the fray with thousands of golfers just like you both in the comments below as well as directly on the THP Community. 

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